Victoria Ward is showing us how to spice up your traditional turkey and stuffing. To see more recipes and meal ideas follow her on Instagram, @hawthornechic. Fennel butter roasted hens: 2 fennel bulbs 2 pounds of butter unsalted 1/2 cup of sugar 1 tbs of paprika Salt and pepper. Peel and small dice your fennel bulb. Discard the rest. Take two tbs of your butter and melt. Add your fennel and sweat it out add your sugar and paprika. Let the rest of your butter sit out till soft. Once pliable, mix all together. Rub over your entire hen and push some under the skin ontop of breast. Season with salt and pepper and cook at 375 for about 40 mns. Yam,sausage and sage cornbread stuffing: Ingredients: 4 sweet potatoes cooked 1 cup of garlic oil or evoo 4 cups of cornbread 3 cups of spicy sausage 2 cups of chopped sage 1/2 cup of thyme 1 small diced white onion 6 cups of chicken stock. Directions: Add your oil to a deep sauce pan. Brown your sausage. Add your onion and sweat out. Mash in your yams until smooth. Remove off heat. Lightly toss in your cornbread and herbs. Place back on heat and add stock until it becomes very moist. Add salt and pepper to your hen or bake in a dish at 375 for 40mins. Enjoy!

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