Victoria Ward is in the kitchen showing us how to make a delicious Southern style side dish. Check out her recipe for spicy collard style kale and barbecue salmon! Be sure to follow Victoria on Instagram @hawthornechic.

Collard Green Style Kale


3 bunches of kale

1 cup of small diced shallots

1 small package of Smoked turkey. (I prefer necks)

1/2 cup of chopped Garlic

2 cups of White wine

4 tbs of Olive oil

3 tbs Chili flakes

1 cup of Honey

3 cups of veggie stock.




Leave the stem on your kale and rip into small strips with your hands. Let them soak in water for about an hour. In a fairly large pot sauté your garlic in the 4 tbs of olive oil. Add your shallots and turkey cook for about 4 mns. Add kale, soften a bit the add the white wine, honey and chili flakes. Once your alcohol is cooked out add stock let simmer for another 5 mns. Add salt and pepper and enjoy!

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