VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE Feb 8-9-10 is Fright Haven's special Holiday event. FRIGHT HAVEN is CT's Largest Scariest & Greatest INDOOR Haunted House.  Open from 7pm to 10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Three great attractions all under one roof - 20,000 square ft of indoor scares & screams at 411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff in Stratford, CT. Free parking and completely renovated with new scenes and events. 

"Love is patient, love is will drive you out of your mind." In this date night to die for, Cupid is tearing out his wings and taking deadly aim with his arrow. He's had enough of matchmaking, and is ready to wreak havoc on all the thankless hearts of the world. This Valentine's Day, there won't be chocolates and candy hearts; there will be blood. Treat your (in)significant other to a date night to die for at Fright Haven's Valentine's Day Massacre. Connecticut's largest indoor haunted house is back again to bring you ALL NEW attractions with ALL NEW scares. Take a peek into the ultimate date night gone wrong, and learn where lovesick souls go when the heartbreak drives them mad. The Tunnel of Love runs red with blood, a romantic candlelit dinner goes up in flames, and the teddy bears won't be so cute and cuddly. Bloodthirsty lovers scorned and relentless admirers wait around every twist and turn in this horrifying take on the sweetest holiday. This special two-night-only event will change the way you think about Valentine's Day forever...that is, if you escape the rampaging Cupid and make it out with hearts intact. 

The Loner (General Admission Ticket - $25.00 The Awkward Couple (2 General Admission Tickets) - $45.00 The 3rd Wheel (3 General Admission Tickets) - $65.00 The Deadly Double Date (4 General Admission) - $80.00 The Loner VIP (VIP Ticket) - $50.00 The Awkward Couple (2 VIP tickets) - $90.00 The 3rd Wheel VIP (3 VIP Tickets) - $130.00 The Deadly Double Date VIP (4 VIP Tickets) - $170.00 Tickets available at


  • Occurs Friday, February 8th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Fright Haven Stratford Scare (Square)

411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff
Stratford, 06615


Charles Rosenay

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