(KCAL/KCBS/CNN/Meredith) -- A house cat in southern California really proved himself when he faced off with three coyotes outside his home. The epic battle was all caught on a security camera.

Maya Gurrin said she was watching a movie with her husband when their cat Max came face-to-face with three coyotes on their back patio.

Gurrin said she heard the noise and scared off the coyotes, but later checked their security camera to find that Max had been able to fend for himself.

Three large coyotes circled in on Max for dinner, but Max wasn’t going down without a fight.

"I couldn't believe it. We really couldn't believe it. We're still shocked,” Gurrin said. “It was two days ago and we still are still shocked."

Although Max was unharmed, his days as an indoor/outdoor cat are over. Gurrin -- a self-proclaimed "cat lady" -- said she is lucky Max survived the battle and is now considering building a “catio” – an enclosed patio for cats – that would allow Max to still be outdoors but protected from predators.

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This reporting, and therefore WFSB and their owner and affiliates, are all racists. This reporter said "make no mistake, this cat is a Warrior" Isn't that the name of the Windsor High School mascot, who Rep. Bobby Gibson House SpeakerJoseph Aresimowicz is supporting legislation to eliminate such a racist nameplate that disrespect indigenous people in another article ON WFSB right now, whereas the headline on the article states "Lawmaker proposes banning racist school mascots state wide"? Shame on you!



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