(WFSB) - People in Hartford, New Haven, and New London counties should be wearing masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

On Tuesday, the CDC came out with an update on mask guidance.

Counties with “substantial” or “high” levels of community transmission were advised to wear masks indoors.

Tuesday, no counties in Connecticut met that requirement. All were either in the blue or yellow categories.

New Haven labeled as a COVID hotspot

However, 24 hours later, New London and Hartford counties reached that threshold where they were considered to have a 'substantial' level of community transmission.

On Thursday afternoon, New Haven was added to the 'substantial' category.

See the CDC tracker by clicking here.

"I know that’s a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow and it certainly makes me, as a public health official, a bit anxious and uneasy about things," University of New Haven Professor Anthony Santella says.

People in Hartford and New London Counties should be wearing masks, regardless of their vaccination status.

Professor Santella from the University of New Haven’s health administration and policy weighed in on how life should change for those who in these counties.

"I think everyone should err on the side of caution and go back to the things we were so used to doing last year in terms of monitoring health, wearing masks, hand hygiene," explained Santella.

While the recommendations are coming from the CDC, it’ll be up to local leaders to implement and enforce them, but so far, there’s been no action on the city or state level.

"A lot of places of employment, soon, schools and universities are waiting for that guidance. The CDC can make a recommendation all they want, but until it’s operationalized on the local level, it doesn’t mean much," noted Santella.

Even though our case count is trending in the wrong direction, with a sixty-three percent vaccination rate in our state, there’s no indication things will ever go back to the strict lockdowns seen more than a year ago.

CDC classifies Hartford, New London Counties as high COVID transmission areas

The advice is to be vigilant.

"I hate to say take a few steps back, but that’s where we are right now. Until more people get vaccinated, this is going to be our life," added Santella.

Maritza Bond, New Haven's Director of Health said they saw their number nearly double over night. That reemergence means the county is going back to the old guidelines.

Justin Elicker, Mayor of New haven said, "I know that’s disappointing for some people, but we’ve got to keep each other safe.”

Channel 3 is also working to obtain the data from the state on the breakdown in cases between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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(30) comments

Brian C. Duffy

Typical tough talk from a Sunny screen name. Courageously anonymous as always.

Brian Duffy

46 Hayes Rd.

Tariffville, CT


All these leaky experimental vaccines are causing the variants new studies are finding. It's not a coincidence they didn't start until the experimental jabs started. This is a plague of the vaxxed.


More BS from the subreddit? Put that mask on when you go get your long overdue vaccination.


Cite the study.


Being unvaccinated is not helping. No matter how proud and ignorant you are about it.


A doctor in a hospital in Israel reported that 90% of Covid patients in his hospital are VACCINATED

47% of Covid hospitalizations in the UK are VACCINATED.

Yet here in the US, they are trying to blame the unvaxxed


More whining. Go get vaccinated.


A real Doctor:

Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH




Replying to


So bottom line?

Yeah, delta variant is bad. Like really bad.

Our vaccines are good. Like really good.

Breakthrough infections happen.

Sometimes they may spread to others.

But if enough people get the shot.

The pandemic does come to an end.


Just in from the CDC - The document -- a slide presentation -- outlines unpublished data that shows fully vaccinated people might spread the Delta variant at the same rate as unvaccinated people. Hey Verdad, Duffy, you are spreading the virus with your Vaxed mouths.


Can't spread it if you don't have it. Weak a$$ quick quip. Get vaccinated and put your mask on.


New science coming out is indicating more and more the vaxxed are the real superspreaders. The virus lives in their nasopharynx with the same viral load or higher than the unvaxxed. The vaxxed need to be quarantined and isolated until this passes. It's not just about you Verdad, you're now killing grandma and passing this to our children.


Can't spread it if you don't have it


You really like picking cherries and arguing both sides don't you? Adorable that you think you are credible. Put that mask on when you go get your long overdue vaccination.


Not being vaccinated isn't helping anyone son.


The Center for Democrat Control is just doing its duty for the democrat party, telling them what to do and when. The rest of us who have watched the flip flopping, the narrative change from deaths, to hospitalizations, to "cases" to keep the fear level up will continue to make our own health decisions. My body my choice right?

Hey experts, what happened to the seasonal flu last year? CDC says 2100 cases of the flu last year, compared to estimated 38 million the year before. In fact all deaths from all types of disease are way down, even though overall death numbers remained the same, yet not a mention of that. No one finds that something to ask about?


Ummm you are the same person that called a mass shooting a "magical situation". Be quiet.


You dope liberals wouldn't have the vaccine unless Trump created Warp speed, and if he were still President, you wouldn't have gotten it at all. How in today's age of information you don't realize even if you are Vaxed, you can still get Covid and still spread it if the funniest part of this back and forth. Big Gov't experiment 1, Loser Liberals 0. Duffy -1 for being dopey enough to post his name and address.


Are you telling me that Trump lost the election? Your assumptions are wrong as usual. Politics is not how I make my medical decisions. You go to a subreddit for that, well duh! We already knew that you could still get it as it has been widely reported that the vaccines are 94 percent effective. You haven't participated at all, except to be childish. How brave....


Living in the past is not admirable or mature.

Brian C. Duffy

Does Phil Valentine have the flu?


Pravda at it's best. This is treason and a crime against humanity. Pure B S.


Such lies -

Wfsb for shame

I hope everyone who is perpetuating this will be held accountable for the lies they spread and the divide they create


You are months overdue for your vaccination. Maybe stop contributing to the problem.


Are you ready to admit you're just a guinea pig in their experiment yet? How many shots and pills would it take for you to question the narrative? 4? 5? 10? I'm honestly curious were you'd draw the line to say enough.


a study in Israel indicates that the vaccinated are more contagious


Cite that study Joseph.

Brian C. Duffy

You're not "accountable" for any posts when using a chicken screen name.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT


I hate to say take a few steps back, but that’s where we are right now. Until more people get vaccinated, this is going to be our life," added Santella. Pandemic is perpetuated by the unvaccinated. If this is you, feel free to go get vaccinated and stop whining. This is on you now.


Who's whining? I'm living my life as if it's 2019. Had a huge picnic last week, going to a concert in a few weeks, going everywhere maskless.

It's the Branch COVIDians that won't let this go


You seem triggered?

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