Nathaniel Jacob Nuckols

Nathaniel Jacob Nuckols is seen in this mugshot provided by the Cobb County Sheriff's Office. 

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — An Atlanta-area family says they returned home from holiday travel to find someone else living in their house.

Janice Henson said the key wouldn't turn when they returned Wednesday. A man who came to the door told her to leave and said it was his home now. She called police.

Cobb County police say 26-year-old Nathaniel Jacob Nuckols threatened to shoot at officers and was arrested after a five-hour standoff. A SWAT team eventually rammed the front door down. They sent a robot to locate him, but found no weapon.

Henson says the drawers had been emptied, family photos were moved and their food was gone.

Jail records say Nuckols faces charges including burglary and terroristic threats. It's unclear if he has a lawyer who could comment.

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Wait! It's illegal to break into a home and start to live off the previous owners? Did any democrat see this? They should be screaming that this guy was arrested and thrown in jail. It's his right to do that. Just like when an illegal alien breaks in to the USA and expects the tax payers to support him. According to Georgia, it's illegal and President trump is doing the right thing. Thank you President Trump for trying to make us safer.

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