PASADENA, Texas (KPRC/CNN) - A Texas family got quite the surprise when they cut into a graduation cake and realized it was made of Styrofoam. 

Marsy Flores, of Pasadena, said she wanted her daughter's high school graduation party to be perfect.

“This is my baby, and she was graduating. So, it was very important to me," Flores said. 

The mom ordered a two-tier cake from Walmart for the celebration. When Flores went to pick it up last week, she said the bakery department couldn't find the cake. 

So, the store offered to give her a free sheet cake for the inconvenience. 

After that hiccup, the party was back on track -- until it was time to cut the cake. That's when they discovered there was Styrofoam underneath the frosting. 

Flores said both she and her daughter were humiliated in front of their family and friends.

“They can't replace the moment that we lost. It’s a special moment, and this is what we got for it, a Styrofoam cake," Flores said. "Not only did they mess up one time, they did it twice."

She said the store gave her a $60 Walmart gift card following the incident. 

A Walmart spokesperson also released the following statement: "The incident was a result of a misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved. The customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience."

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Suck it up. There will be times she graduates from college; gets married; has a child etc. This is not the end of the world.


Really Channel 3? Is this news worthy information? A Styrofoam cake? Big deal, mistakes happen, they received compensation. I know there are more important stories you can be covering. This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read on your website. The family needs to get over it, go buy a new cake, they are available on the spot at any grocery store. Super petty to contact the news over this. Many families have had cake/food disappointments for special events, build a bridge and get over it. Clearly the family is looking for more compensation. I would be ashamed to try and pull this. Totally lame, and shame on you Wfsb for giving them a platform. Ridiculous

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