Seymour Water Rescue

SEYMOUR, CT (WFSB) – Two people are dead after a car went into the Housatonic River in Seymour Friday evening. 

According to rescuers, a male and female were found in the car which was found in the river near 179 Roosevelt Drive just before 5 p.m.

"I just came home looking on the river and I’ve seen boats up the river that way, half-a-mile — like they’re looking for something," Jose Cooney, a neighbor said.

Divers found and freed the victims, who were still wearing seat belts at the time. Once freed, EMS workers transported them for treatment. 

"The depth of the water like we said before was 16–20 feet," Seymour Dep. Fire Chief Chris Edwards said. "It was dark, muggy. Low visibility under there. High current."

Police identified the victims as Connie Crowell, 54, and her son John Crowell, 22, both of Monroe. 

Rescue workers from several surrounding towns were called in to assist in the rescue. At one time, more than 75 people were involved in the effort, Seymour police said. 

Police said investigators are still trying to determine where the car entered the river. An investigation is still open an active. 

"We’re trying to find port of entry," Seymour Police Chief Paul Satkowski said Friday. "We have an idea where the vehicle entered but a lot more follow up to investigate."

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Seymour Police Department at 203-881-7638. 

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I know that area very well. I cannot figure how a car got into the river unless it was purposely driven into. There is a boat launch very close by, otherwise there is a wooden fence surrounding the parking area.

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