EAST HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Two East Hartford officers are facing charges after allegedly requesting payment from a road construction job for police service hours not worked.

The private contractor reached out to East Hartford police back on Aug. 4 about a bill discrepancy, regarding police services from a road job from the day before.

According to the contractor, the officers at the construction site allegedly required payment authorization signatures from the contractor for police service hours not worked.

A criminal investigation resulted in arrest warrants charging Sgt. Ian Allison and Officer Robert Jones each with criminal attempt, and second-degree larceny.

Jones and Allison.jpg

Police have arrested Officer Robert Jones and Sgt. Ian Allison

They both turned themselves in and were placed on administrative leave.

They’re expected to appear in court on Oct. 27.

Sergeant Allison, 51, is a 21-year veteran of the East Hartford Police Department, and Officer Jones, 54, is a 24-year veteran of the department.

Currently, the East Hartford Police Internal Affairs Division is conducting an administrative investigation into this matter.

The East Hartford Police Officer's Association released a statement saying "This criminal investigation has been a sham since the beginning. The Department has spent the last two months going back and forth with the State’s Attorney’s Office trying to come up with something to charge these two exemplary employees with. The Department is now intentionally concealing information about what they’re being accused of from these Officers and has even refused to share the actual arrest warrant or Police report with their lawyers. These two employees are headed to a Court Appearance without even knowing what they’re being accused of. In fact the Department shared more information in the press release than they did with the Officers when they were arrested. I have never seen a case handled with this level of secrecy and deception in my career. We believe this case is part of a pattern of racially discriminatory behavior by Chief Scott Sansom’s Administration. There have been several similar cases in our Department involving White Officers over the years including very recently where they were treated very differently from how these two African American employees were treated. None of those White Officers were put on Administrative leave or criminally investigated."

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(5) comments


I'm also willing to bet, this wasn't the first time they pulled something like this.

rick be

I read the whole story in a local paper and it appears

that this is a regular practice with all the police. This only

was revealed because these two guys are Black.The

last few caught doing this trick were White and did

not get arrested or even suspended.


I read it as well Rick, two instant arsholes, just add badges.


FIRE THEM NOW! That way, they won't have a pension.

rick be

Cops don't get fired,only retired with full pension in Corrupticut.

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