BLOOMFIELD, CT (WFSB) – Calling all hikers out there! Bloomfield is home to Penwood State Park which features several hiking trails including the famous Metacomet Trail.

This park may be one of the most underrated public spaces in Connecticut.

If you’re looking for real deal hiking without going to the Berkshires or Litchfield County, you might want to hit up Penwood State Park. This place has views and terrain that are just as good at Talcott without the crowds.

Penwood State Park is part of the Metacomet Ridge that runs from Long Island to Massachusetts. A lot of people from Hartford’s western suburbs love visiting Penwood State Park.

“If you come at this time of day like 7 a.m. to see the sunrise, it’s really gorgeous. It inspires you. You’re just happen when you walk this trail and when it goes up to the top and there’s a pond and you see the fish and the eagles, it’s really pretty. It’s a nice thing to do to get your Zen on for the rest of the day,” said Rosemary Huff.

Larry Levin used to hike on the weekends, but is now enjoying quiet weekday hikes during retirement.

“It’s got a nice long hike. It’s got three miles u to the next road crossing, Wintonbury Road, and it’s got some nice views along the way,” Levine said.

Becca Walker and her dad ended up finding Penwood because other state parks were at capacity. They are from Canada, so Bloomfield feels like a tropical getaway for them.

“Leaves on the tree. We still don’t have leaves on the trees because it’s so much farther north,” Becca said.

Lisa Levine grew up in Bloomfield and is now a Massachusetts resident. She likes to hike at Penwood when she’s in town visiting family.

“I love the beauty, the hills, the exercise. It’s dog friendly, and it was a perfect day,” Lisa said.

Matt Woodward with Explore Connecticut is an experienced hiker. If you’re new to the area, he recommends hiking to the picnic area then to Lake Louise before descending down the Metacomet Trail.

“You hit all the sites. You get the picnic area, you get the historic barn, you get Lake Louise, you get the overlook, so there’s some challenge. There’s a little bit of easy hiking, a little bit of everything,” Woodward said.

There are more miles of trails at Penwood State Park than neighboring Talcott State Park.

“You feel pretty remote and you know even if the parking lot is packed, you pretty much have the trailed to yourself once you get out there,” Woodward said.

There are paved, strolled friendly hikes at Penwood. You’ll find parking off of Hartford Road or Stone Hill Road.


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