HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Three high school track athletes and their mothers have filed a lawsuit in federal court to challenge Connecticut's policy of allowing transgender girls to compete in girls' sports.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Hartford, said the state's policy robs female athletes of opportunities because of the physical advantages of transgender girls.

Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell claim they were deprived of honors due to transgender girls competing in girl Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference events. The girls say two transgender athletes have been consistently winning track meets.

"CIAC’s policy and its results directly violate the requirements of Title IX, a federal regulation designed to protect equal athletic opportunities for women and girls," the suit said.

Mitchell said she would have won the 2019 state championship in the women’s 55-meter indoor track competition if not for two transgender girls who took first and second place. She said she was denied the gold medal.

Soule and Smith have similar stories. They claim they have been denied medals and/or advancement opportunities.

The CIAC adopted the rule in 2013.

“Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field. Forcing them to compete against boys isn’t fair, shatters their dreams, and destroys their athletic opportunities,” said Christiana Holcomb, Alliance Defending Freedon (ADF) legal counsel. “Having separate boys’ and girls’ sports has always been based on biological differences, not what people believe about their gender, because those differences matter for fair competition. And forcing girls to be spectators in their own sports is completely at odds with Title IX, a federal law designed to create equal opportunities for women in education and athletics. Connecticut’s policy violates that law and reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women.”

Bloomfield and Cromwell high schools are also named in the lawsuit because the transgender athletes run for them.

The CIAC said in a statement that it consulted with a several agencies about its policy, including Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Connecticut State Department of Education, the National Federation of State High School Associations, and the Office for Civil Rights.

The CIAC also said it believes that its current policy is appropriate under both state and federal law, and it has been defending that policy in the complaint that was filed previously with the office of civil rights.

True Colors, an LGBTQ advocacy group, also criticized the lawsuit, saying “what they are proposing is legally sanctioned discrimination under this lawsuit.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom previously filed a complaint with the Federal Department of Education, but said on Wednesday that process is taking too long, which is why they filed this lawsuit.

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(15) comments

FYI Micky

It doesn't matter how you dress it up... If it's a duck... It's a DUCK!... LOL


I find it particularly interesting that the advertisement used at the end f the article, is one which advertises the push for equal rights within the LEGBTEVERYLETTERSINTHEALPHABET'S Agenda. These gals are literally fighting for a level playing field, and your system puts up an ad that promotes the very subjects these gals are fighting?

That is cold, people. Really cold.

rick be

This issue has the potential to destroy all women's sports.

It's ugly now but what happens when it moves into the Olympics

and then into the professional-there's a few losers on the tour that

could decimate the LPGA and the the Women's tennis courts.


*munching popcorn*


Progressives chant that everyone should be treated equally while complaining that it's unfair for everyone to be treated the same (no matter what the topic). You can't have it both ways. While I'm not a big fan, the South Park episode on this topic is spot on.


The liberals have gone off the deep end. What's their next idiotic obsession going to be age equality, where they have various ages compete against one another, for the sake of equality? The equalityaholics need therapy!


Hopefully the lawsuit will bring the much needed attention that is sorely lacking to this issue. It's unfair and I understand exploiting loopholes for the greater good but the way the system is now, it's heavily biased in the favor of the male born athletes and shouldn't continue on in the interest of true sportsmanship


🤦🏽 we still doing this? D@mn shame because they are good at what they do gender must play a role smh really sad grow up people

rick be

Can you translate that?

Jame Gumb

Classic example of what happens when Commiecrats are allowed to make rules. Hope these young women win their suit and men are banned from women's competition.

rick be

I hope so too....


How dare they. LGBT people are being murdered and persecuted across this country. 330 just in the past year. I'd definitely say that these girls arent very progressive.


People of all races, ages, genders and sexual orientations get murdered and persecuted, and that fact has nothing what so ever to do with fairness in sports.


Welcome to 2020 people


Certainly it's unfair and wrong. The boys who see themselves as girls, have a large advantage which is obvious by their winning easily. I don't know the right solution for all but the current situation is unfair.

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