NEW MILFORD, CT (WFSB) - Channel 3 and Masks for CT partnered again to help hand out face masks to members of the public.

"I couldn’t find them anywhere. I've even had friends go online and said they couldn’t get them," New Milford resident Peter Ceperly tells us.

Even before the sun came up this morning, Peter Ceperly was first in line in his car to get free masks at the John Pettibone Community Center in Milford.

Today was the sixth Channel 3 Cares sponsored event of Masks for Connecticut.

So far, more than one million masks have been handed out with the help of charitable donations and volunteer work.

"You know, people have come out here at 5 in the morning from the Milford Rotary Club and we are just so grateful. We are grateful that we can do this for the community and with the community," Katherine Webster O’Keefe, incoming president of the New Milford Rotary, explained.

And getting a mask is pretty simple.

You just pull up, you roll down your back window, and they will drop in a bag of five masks.

Among the volunteers were Carmen and Lupita Andrade, conjoined twins from New Milford our colleague Denise D’Ascenzo had profiled in an award-winning piece shortly before her death.

"[One of the things that really touched me was that you guys are out here helping giving out the masks and you said, I’m getting tears, saying that you were here in honor of Denise. Tell me about that.] You gotta do what you gotta do to try to help the community and we’re a little bit immunocompromised, but anyway we can help. We want to," Carmen and Lupita stated.

"I work with some of the seniors in town, but it's wonderful. I have seen you in the news doing it from town to town. I just got up this morning and saw you guys were doing it and I said, 'I’ve got to get out', because I have other people that I can donate some of these to that can't get out, so thank you so much for all that you guys are doing here," New Milford resident Luz Burns added.

Good deeds toward one another during troubled times showing that while coronavirus is contagious, so is kindness.

Channel 3 will have another Masks for Connecticut giveaway on Tuesday, May 19 at Mohegan Sun.

For those looking to make a donation to Masks for CT, you can click or tap here for more information.

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