FARMINGTON, CT (WFSB) – Four people on a plane that crashed into the Trumpf Inc. building in Farmington on Thursday morning have died.

Farmington police said the crash happened just before 10 a.m.

The plane, which took off from Robertson Airport in Plainville, had mechanical failure during take-off, and eventually crashed on the ground and ended up hitting the Trumpf Inc. building on Hyde Road.

4 dead, 2 injured in plane crash

On Friday, police remained at the scene, securing it for when National Transportation Safety Board officials arrive to investigate. 

Farmington police gave an update on a plane crash that happened Thursday morning, leaving four people dead.

Police said evacuations were underway just after the crash.

During a news conference, police said all Trumpf employees were accounted for. The company said two were injured. There were more than 100 people inside the building at the time.

"It is miraculous, I mean to say that we can confirm no one was injured inside is some silver lining to this tragedy," said Farmington Police Lt. Tim McKenzie.

The Federal Aviation Administration said two pilots and two passengers were on the plane at the time. 

Farmington police said Thursday afternoon that all four had died. Their names have not yet been released.

A plane crashed into the Trumpf building in Farmington Thursday morning.

The plane was heading to Dare County Regional Airport in Manteo, N.C.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane was a Cessna Citation 560X.

Farmington plane crash3

Emergency crews working to put out a fire sparked by a plane crash at the Trumpf building in Farmington

As dozens of workers got out of the building, others in the highly industrial area watched as the jet fuel set an entire corner of the Trumpf facility on fire.

Eyewitnesses said they can’t shake the sound of the explosion.

“We were at work and heard a big explosion and we all went outside and just saw smoke billowing out of here,” said Chris Cubeta.

Garrison Leykam got as close as possible to today’s fatal plane crash in Farmington while still living to talk about it.

“The top of that pole was how close we were to the plane. In fact, I could see people in the plane,” said Leykam.

Leykam said he was walking his dog near the Trumpf building on Hyde Road this morning. He said he knew immediately that something was wrong. “Instead of it being a takeoff angle like this, the rear end was more like this, more predominately down compared to the nose of the aircraft.”

He said the plane then hit a pole. “It started to really descend out of control. It was not a consistent whirring or noise. It was a little bit more erratic.”

It would then hit the ground then smash into the corner of the Trumpf building where more than 100 people were working.

4 people killed in Farmington plane crash, two Trumpf employees injured

Garrison said it all happened in 15 seconds. “Seeing the explosion, seeing the sparks, hearing it. And man, when it did crash, the smoke came back toward us in a fairly quick time. It was that jet fuel, burning, kind of choking sensation.”

“There were people in it, human beings. There were lives and part of me wanted to reach out and said, ‘I got ya, we got this.’ It’s that sense of helplessness,” he continued.

Joe Gilberti another eyewitness said, “If that plane entered like a 9-11, any one of these buildings, everyone, hundreds of people would have been incinerated, so in a way, it’s pretty damn fortunate.”

Farmington police said this crash could have been much worse.

Four people were killed in a plane crash in Farmington on Thursday morning.

"Only a few feet from this building, if the plane had struck the building back there, the explosion would have been enormous and have had a lot more lives lost," McKenzie said.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the crash.

Eversource said there were power outages in the area as well as some damage.

4 people killed in Farmington plane crash, two Trumpf employees injured

Stay with Channel 3 as more information becomes available.

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