NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Officials say five students were taken to the hospital after taking edibles at a magnet school in New Haven on Friday.

Mayor Justin Elicker said the edibles were tested and had THC in them.

The incident was first reported to police around 11:29 a.m.

They said they were called to the Bishop Woods School on Quinnipiac Avenue.

Police say five students are expected to recover after taking edibles at a school in New Haven Friday.

Police say one student gave an edible-type chocolate to four other students.

The students will recover, police said.

Five students, ages 12 and 13, ingested what appeared to be candy that was brought in by a student and began vomiting, according to police.

Those students were transported to a hospital. All were alert and conscious. Their parents were informed of the situation. 

"As a parent of a child. I am going to go home tonight and talk to my child to never accept food or candy from anyone else, except for the cafeteria, me and my wife. And I think that something as a family and parents remind our kids about," Elicker said.

They conducted a sweep of the school and it appeared that no other children ingested the substance. 

Police responded to a report of possible overdoses at a magnet school in New Haven on Friday afternoon. New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker participated in a news conference.

All other students at the school were ok and school resumed, police said. Social workers were said to be going to classes to talk to the students about what happened.

Bishop Woods School

The Bishop Woods School in New Haven.

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Don't worry, making Pot legal won't hurt anything........


This isn't just cause marijuana is legal. This happens all the time in states the marijuana isn't legal. You probably have no problem with alcohol being legal, right? So why do you care if pot is legal? It's less harmful than alcohol. Alcohol destroys lives, Marijuana helps and saves lives

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