Andiana Velez

Andiana Velez 

NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – An 8-month-old baby is recovering from being left in a dumpster in New Haven by a woman who police say was the child's babysitter.

They identified the woman as 24-year-old Andiana Griciel Velez of Hamden.

Velez was charged with risk of injury to a child, second-degree assault and first-degree reckless endangerment.

She appeared in court on Tuesday morning.

According to police, Velez assaulted the child's 21-year-old mother on Monday then abandoned the baby.

Police said they detained her after the infant was discovered on Monday afternoon.

Officers responded to the Presidential Village Apartments at 573 Dixwell Ave. around 2 p.m. The baby was found by maintenance workers outside of the apartment building.

“It's scary, you know, thinking what type of person would do something like that. It's hard to believe someone would do that," said Perry Dennis, one of the workers who found the baby.

Police said the 8-month-old baby girl was found alive and alert. Maintenance workers said she had some burn injuries on her hands. 

"Basically coming out of shock, you can tell she was freezing, freezing in that trash can," said Rick Chardon, an eyewitness.

Officers reported later on Monday afternoon that they had been in contact with the child's mother.

The infant was brought to Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital where, at last check, she was in stable condition. 

While detectives determined that Velez put the baby in the dumpster, investigators have not yet determined who is responsible for the child’s injuries.

New Haven police and the Dept. of Children and Families continue to investigate the child's injuries.

Velez is being held on $500,000 bond and is due back in court on Oct. 30.

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(8) comments


A vote for a Democrat is condoning this activity.


That's attempted murder, min 10-15 years. Why is she getting a break from the start? And why there was no child abduction alert? Has life become so cheap? Too many things wrong with this situation. Hope they place this child with a good family. She is the one that suffered, hope she doesn't remember any of it. Evil people in this world.


I think the police are waiting to see the prognosis of the wee one. It's best that they wait and be thorough in their investigation so they can make a case that will stick. There's also a lot that's not being said about the mother and her involvement in it. The police can only do so much. Let's pray the judicial system does their job and the baby gets the justice she deserves.


Babies Lives Matter! Whoever put that innocent child in the dumpster should be given the death penalty. Too bad this is Connecticut. The Dumocrats continue to make it more and more of a lawless state daily. The latest being the police accountability bill.


This is why they allow riots in their states!


Neuter the mother, then put her in the dumpster and lock it up tight so she can't escape, and see how well she can survive after a month.


And if this poor baby was not found, she would have shown up on someones tax return as a dependent. OTOH, times are getting tough for a lot of folks, but this crosses a line.


Your comment lacks sensitivity. What is wrong with you.

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