NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) -- For those who have been stuffed up lately, allergies may be to blame.

In Connecticut, tree pollen is skyrocketing, and the windy spring has been the perfect storm for allergies.

“When the weather tends to be warmer and windier that’s when we really start to see the pollen counts increasing,” said Ryan Steele, DO, Yale Medicine Allergist & Immunologist.

Recent wind and mild temperatures have helped trees pollinate.

Right now, some cooler and wetter days would be beneficial.

“Especially if we have a few days in a row, that’s when the pollen counts tend to be lower and that’s going to go for any pollen season, not just for tree,” Steele said.

Tree pollen varies among Connecticut’s microclimates.

Most of the state has at least moderate levels of tree pollen. In some places, it’s pretty rough.

“In New Haven County right now, the tree levels are absolutely high, and I think our forecast is going to be high for the next few days,” Steele said.

If you suspect your allergy symptoms to possibly be COVID, it’s best to play it safe and get tested, especially since testing is widely available.

“Allergies, in general, are not going to give you a fever. If you are not someone who is prone to allergies and you suddenly start having nasal congestion, sudden loss of smell or taste it’s unlikely to be allergies,” Steele said.

If the allergies are really starting to bug you, there are a couple things you can do at home. For one, close the windows and turn on the AC. It’s not that warm outside but that can help keep the pollen counts on the low side inside your home.

Second, take a shower. Even though you go inside, that doesn’t mean the pollen hasn’t followed you through the door. There may be some pollen stuck on your skin your hair and clothes and don’t forget about your pets. There may be some pollen on your dog and your cat’s fur so it may be a good idea to give them a bath.

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