HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - With a chilly forecast on tap for the weekend, AAA is looking to remind drivers to make sure their vehicles are ready for winter.

AAA said it responds to thousands of calls every year in which it helps drivers in cold weather.

It said in a lot of cases, a few easy steps can save drivers time, money and frustration down the road.

AAA recommended having the vehicle's battery and tires checked to make sure they're in good shape.

If the battery is not in good shape, there are some warning signs of which drivers should be aware.

AAA said drivers may notice a grinding or clicking sound when they try to start the vehicle, the headlights dim when idling but brighten when the engine is revved, or the battery is simply 3 years old.

As for the tires, drivers should check the treads and make sure there is adequate tire pressure.

Any mechanic can check those things.

It also said an emergency kit is a good idea.

The kit should contain the following:

  • Fully charged cell phone.
  • Car charger and/or external battery for your phone
  • Bag of sand, cat litter, rock salt or traction mats
  • Wiper fluid, windshield de-icer
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Windshield scraper and brush
  • Emergency flares or reflectors
  • Battery booster cables
  • Small shovel
  • Blankets, extra gloves, hats, scarves and socks
  • Hand/foot warmers
  • Drinking water and non-perishable snacks (protein bars, granola bars, pretzels, crackers)

The auto club said it responded to 320,000 calls for help in the greater Hartford area alone. More than half of those required a tow truck.

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...and make sure there are no animals, specifically cats, sleeping under or in your engine compartment before you start it up. Simply knock on the hood and they should scurry away.

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