Tropical Storm Isaias

Union Street Manchester

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- Many Connecticut residents are still in the dark as of Sunday afternoon.

Over the weekend, Eversource posted estimated times of restoration for each town it covers. To see when your town is expected to have a majority of power restored, click here. 

Eversource officials said 90% of customers had power restored as of 6:55 p.m. Sunday evening. 

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As of Monday at 9:30 a.m., 87,612 Eversource outages remained, which is about 6.8 percent of its customers.

United Illuminating's outages were at 2,490.

"Our crews - alongside the thousands of outside resources here to help - are doing a tremendous job under extremely difficult conditions, and we expect 90% of customers will have power on Sunday evening," Eversource President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom said over the weekend. 

Utility crews from Canada, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana are assisting with repairs. 

Thursday evening, Eversource said they estimate storm restoration will be “substantially complete” by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.

"Substantially complete means fewer than one percent of customers are still without power,” Eversource officials said in a statement.

Eversource told state regulators they expected between 125,000 and 380,000 thousand outages to come as a result from Tropical Storm Isaias.

The final number ended up being twice that.

On Friday, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down on Tuesday in Westport.

The tornado was confirmed to have touched down between 1:4 p.m. and 1:41 p.m. with winds reached between 95 and 105 miles per hour.

The tornado traveled 50 yards and was measured to be 25 yards wide.

As of 8:30 Monday morning, Westport still has 3,841 outages, which is 30 percent of the town. 

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The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is launching an investigation into Eversource’s plans and response to Isaias.

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Also on Thursday, Gov. Lamont announced that he activated the Connecticut National Guard to assist in storm recovery.

Stay with Ch. 3 for continuing coverage, and download the app here to stay updated if you don't have power.

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(27) comments


To all the people who have complained about Eversource here: The process of cutting down trees that have fallen on power lines, and then repairing those power lines, is extremely dangerous work. It's the 9th most dangerous job in America. Would any of you do it? Do ANY of you do risky physical work for a living? My guess is that all of the armchair critics here are white collar workers, utterly disconnected from the world of physical work. I was a laborer once. Now I'm not. I never lost my appreciation for the risk, sweat, exhaustion, and skill people like linesmen (yes, they are men!) experience at work. I wouldn't want to have to do this work. I'm grateful to those who risk their lives for us. Gratitude. Why don't you try it?

rick be

I,too,did physical work until I was blessed with an armchair job late in life.

But I and the linemen do not risk their lives for anyone except the families

they wish to feed.They are not heroes,just guys making OT pay.


This is a lesson on why monopolies are bad. The state government needs to open the state up for competition amongst utility companies and mandate that work be done to put wires underground in 90% of the state. The shoreline is different because of the possibility of storm surge. Saltwater is very corrosive and will do more damage than a falling tree. Ask the folks in NYC about that during Sandy.

rick be

I can't see how a storm surge would effect buried power lines.

But every repair should be going into the ground instead of up and

around trees.Any extra cost will be saved by less maintenance.


And who would pay the insane cost of putting all transmission wires underground? We already pay one of the highest electricity rates in the nation. Rates would have to be doubled or tripled to put 90% of the wires underground. Not to mention the extreme dislocation associated with all the digging. And for what? As of this morning, only 90,000 customers remain without power. That's down from 700,000+ just a few days ago. Great work Eversource!

rick be

Any extra cost will be offset by not having to trim trees

and not having to do these repairs again,my troll friend.

rick be

When is the Guvna gonna tell them to start putting lines into the ground,

then this will never happen again.

Well Educated Liberal

If you want to place blame, start at the top. drumpf and the rethugliklans. They are directly responsible for all of this. They deny man made global climate disruption which causes all the tropical storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms and tornadoes in the first place. Second, they are greedy. drumpftler allows companies like neversource to rob people blind. drumpf created Covid to satisfy his blood thirst and kill off as many people as he can so he can steal their money. I cannot wait for President Biden and Vice President Michelle Obama to take office. They will restore class and honor to this country. The blue wave of Socialism will cover the entire country and the rich will no longer be rich and we will all be equal. Lock up every last trailer trash repuke, seize their assets and spread the wealth.

#Biden/Obama2020 #HillaryIsMyPresident #ImStillWithHer #WearaMask #BlackLivesMatter #DumpDrumpf #NotMyPresident #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #BlueWave #FreedomFromReligion #SocialismNOW #BanAllGuns


Well Educated Liberal, if that isn't an oxymoron, I don't know what is.

rick be

We thought Mike was hit by a lightening strike,

but you are just looking for a spot to spout your rot.


Trump is now a Democrat Connecticut politician, choosing Eversource as our power supplier, and taking bribes from Eversource. I meam 'campaign donations'. The Eversource CEO makes 19.8 million dollars a year. He received a 3 million dollar bonus this year. For what? Your well educated liberalness is lacking.

rick be

What has this to do with The Don?

Eversource was chosen for us by the well bribed

leaders of Corrupticut.


Liberal Democrats in CT are to blame, not the President.


CO2-caused "global warming" is a myth. It's invented. The "models" of climate hysterics don't predict anything. The arctic is not ice-free. Our coastal cities are not under water. The US was MUCH HOTTER in the 1930s (when CO2 levels were much lower) than today. The historical temperature record has been corrupted (read the "Climategate" emails) for political purposes. Climate dissidents are fired from their jobs, denied degrees, denied research grants, and even physically threatened by Antifa thugs. Critics are deplatformed and their writings are deleted. Insane climate sycophants have called for the imprisonment and even execution of "deniers". "Climate change" is just another socialist fraud.


99% resolution in just a few days after a storm of this magnitude is great work. Congratulations to Eversource!


That's 99% by Tuesday of next week.


it's not a few days. it's a week! and that is not a "great" job! that is a failure!

rick be

Eversource having no competition can use all their resources to enrich their executives and shareholders AND give plenty to the Demonrats who control PURA,customers,PSHAW.


Yeah...168 hours is far from "great work". Dismal. Failure. Hopefully, Eversource will be fined $millions and senior management will join the ranks of the CT unemployed. Unfortunately, it's the only way to address the accountability issue.

rick be

Us ratepayers will be paying those fines and

the big wheels are hidden functionaries of the

Demonrat Party,the ruler of Corrupticut.


Mike, where you work, if you are, do they have urinalysis, because you are OBVIOUSLY on something. This was only a tropical storm, and almost half the state is out of power, if it was a hurricane, the other half would be out as well with the way Ct Loot & Plunder works. What did they do with all the money they cried for to cut back all the trees so that this WOULDN'T happen? I passed by no less than 2 dozen trucks AND crews doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today. Why aren't they out there restoring power? Who is paying these crews to sit on their asses, I'm willing to bet it's NOT the executives or the shareholders, it will be us rate payers. At 1030 in the morning, there is NO excuse for this, but I'm sure Ct Loot & Plunder will come up with a million of them.

rick be

He sure works for them

or has been hit in the head by a falling tree.

Brian C. Duffy

MiKKKe is the resident racist here, Baldwin. He occasionally ventures out of his comfort zone to comment on other topics. He fails miserably at those attempts as well.

rick be

Thanks Duffy,it is fun to kick trolls around,

lemme put my dancing shoes on.


It's fun to insult people you have never met, isn't it? Much more fun than actually offering evidence and arguments.


I much prefer the present arrangement to a State-owned utility.

rick be

Surely that is true,but getting some competition

would make Eversource a better company for all

concerned including us ratepayers.

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