Man at center of boating mystery wants warrant sealed

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Agencies from three states met on Monday to discuss the case of a Middletown-native and rescued boater.

Nathan Carman, 22, was found at sea after he and his mother, Linda Carman, went missing on Sept. 17.

Linda Carman remains missing and is presumed dead.

Officials from Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont are all involved in the investigation, along with the U.S. Coast Guard.

All the agencies will meet on Monday at an undisclosed location to share the information they have gathered. According to sources, they were discussing which would have jurisdiction over the state.

The Carmans set out from Rhode Island for a fishing trip. However, Nathan Carman told the Coast Guard that his vessel, which he had been maintaining and repairing on his own, began taking on water.

He said he made it to a life raft with enough food and water; however, his mother was nowhere to be found.

Seven days later, Nathan Carman was rescued by a passing Chinese freighter, about a hundred miles south of Martha's Vineyard.

Nathan Carman was questioned by the Coast Guard in Boston, during which he said he didn't know what happened to Linda Carman.

"I feel healthy," Nathan Carman said during an interview on Wednesday. "Emotionally, I've been through a huge amount."

He hasn't been heard or seen from since. He's also denied any wrongdoing.

Last week, Linda Carman's home in Middletown and Nathan Carman's home in Vermont were the the subjects of search warrants. Investigators took away bags and boxes of evidence.

No documents have been released about what evidence was seized.

Last week however, Clark Carman, Linda Carman's husband and Nathan Carman's father, flew in from California. He fiercely defended his son.

"The past is the past," he said. "What I want to say about that is I wish the press would leave it alone because he was not involved with his grandfather or with his mother. It was a pure accident."

Nathan Carman was once a person of interest following the murder of his wealthy grandfather, John Chakalos, in 2013.

Windsor police once applied for an arrest warrant in that case, according to court documents.

Investigators said Nathan Carman was the last person to see Chakalos alive and bought a gun with the same caliber as the one used in the murder. The warrant was ultimately rejected.

Linda Carman was questioned in the cause as well.

She was involved in an altercation with Chakalos, who was her father, back in 2011. A Boston news outlet reported that she became upset with Chakalos for no longer supporter her.

Chakalos had more than $40 million in his estate before he was killed.

The media was not allowed inside Monday's meeting.

South Kingston, RI police had been the lead on the investigation before Monday. They have not yet commented on the meeting.

Nathan Carman is being represented by Hartford attorney Hubert Santos. He also has not yet commented.

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