(WFSB) – Can coronavirus spread in the air through tiny droplets after an infected person coughs or breathes?

Recently, the CDC said yes, then walked the claim back and said it’ll update its recommendations.

Over the summer, public health officials dropped a bombshell revelation that aa COVID-19 spreader could not even be human, but an HVAC system.

Freshly into the fall season, Channel 3 got a look at how many people are trying to get ahead of a possible second wave of the virus.

Air duct cleaning could be the next limited supply despite high demand during the pandemic.

“We’ve been doing school systems, state buildings, town buildings, residential, I mean, it’s been doubled what it was a few months ago,” said Dane Bundy, CSC Services.

CSC Services says it’s working seven days, cleaning homes and businesses.

“We’ve been going in behind companies that have positive cases, cleaning up after it,” Bundy said.

But other clients use the services to prepare for crowds indoors.

“As we are starting to see cooler temperatures set in, you want that system to be able to filter that air out a lot better,” said Michael Urban.

Michael Urban is the director for the Doctorate of Occupational Therapy Program at the University of New Haven and he says homes and businesses will want to maximize the air flow to avoid letting viruses sit in rooms.

Dirty air ducts and filters have dust buildup, which makes it easier for viruses to latch on.

The scientific community remains divided as to weather aerosol transmission can spread COVID-19.

The CDC recently said it might be one of the most common ways of spreading, before reverting to person-to-person spread is likely the culprit.


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