Airline ticket prices soar as travelers scramble to get home

Airline tickets are soaring as people are scrambling to get out of Florida (Submitted/WFSB)

For those looking to get out of Irma’s path, it may be easier said than done.

That's because flight prices are on the rise, some so high it's pricing people out and forcing them to drive back to Connecticut.

A number of one-way flights to and from Florida right now are the price of a round trip ticket to Europe, totaling more than $1,000, and many are making plans to get out of harm’s way.

John Lyons of West Hartford, whose daughter Rachel is studying at the University of Miami, said he won’t rest easy until she’s home safe.

When Lyons booked his daughter's one-way flight from Miami to Bradley on Monday, he was able to get a price of $160 for a one-way ticket for Thursday night.

Less than 24 hours later, he tried booking the same American Airlines flight for Rachel’s roommate and was shocked to see that the price was more than $1,000 and has continued to go up.

"It just looks bad and I was appalled. I mean people's lives are at stake,” Lyons said.

While Rachel’s roommate is now being forced to put gas in her car and head up I-95, she says the fear of the massive storm is definitely setting in.

"It's feeling a little bit hectic. There are long lines at the gas station and the grocery stores don't have that much water left,” Rachel Lyons said.

While her father won't go as far as to call this price gouging, he wants American Airlines to know this is not okay.

"This is not a time to be opportunistic. This is a time to be altruistic,” Lyons said.

Channel 3 reached out to American Airlines, but hasn’t heard back yet.

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