Airlines come up with solutions to handle travelers' exploding electronics

The bags used by Delta Airlines if a phone catches fire. (WFSB photo)

Airlines have been coming up with ways to take care of phones and laptops that explode mid-flight.

Some said they've already asked passengers not to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while aboard.

A few are now installing new equipment to put fires out if the electronics ignite.

Delta Airlines said it is one of three that added a fire containment bag for overheating phones or laptops.

A spokesperson said it has been on the to-do list for awhile, but was accelerated by the recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung recalled and eventually stopped production of the phone after it kept receiving reports of the device overheating and catching fire.

More than 2.5 million of the smartphones were recalled after an August launch. It's estimated to cost Samsung at least $5.3 billion, according to industry experts.

Delta's new fire suppression bags work for all phones and laptops, the airline said.

Passengers at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks told Eyewitness News on Friday that they're surprised more airlines haven't come on board with the idea.

"I guess if a major carrier is taking precautions why wouldn't the other ones be doing that? I'm sure they'll follow suit," said Nick Zoccoli of Berlin. "We'll see if it prevents a fire or someone from getting hurt."

The bags are bright red and made of a fire-resistant material.

They can be shut with Velcro and heavy-duty zippers. They can withstand temperatures of up to 3200 degrees.

Airlines that have not installed the bags said their crews are trained to fight such high-energy fires. They also said there are fire extinguishers in the cabins, along with fire suppression equipment in the cargo holds.

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