HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Connecticut has accelerated its COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Gov. Ned Lamont announced on Monday that any adult state resident will have the opportunity to schedule a vaccine appointment on April 5.

It's nearly a month ahead of the state's schedule and would beat President Joe Biden's decree of May 1.

Connecticut remains one of the top states in the country when it comes to getting residents vaccinated and Lamont said this would be the biggest step yet.

"Over the course of the next month, I think you’ll find everyone will have vaccine and appointments available to them," Lamont said on Monday.

Gov. Ned Lamont moved up the timeline for who can be vaccinated.

Lamont said Connecticut is expecting 200,000 doses each week.

Under the governor's plan, people 45 to 54 can start scheduling appointments on March 19.

That’s three days earlier than before.

The big one is those 16 to 44. They’re now all lumped into one group with scheduling starting on April 5.

vaccine update from March 15

While there are 477,000 people in the 45 to 54 age group, there are 1.3 million in the 16 to 44 age range.

However, Lamont said a chunk of the larger bracket have already been vaccinated because of their line of work.

"Everybody in these age groups, maybe 20 percent have already been vaccinated," Lamont said. "We vaccinated all of our healthcare workers. We vaccinated most of our educators."

The new timeline is a week earlier for the 35 and up, and nearly a month earlier than for 16 to 34 year olds.

Major accelerations as any adult in Connecticut may have the opportunity to schedule a vaccine appointment on April 5.

Also, Lamont said the data is indicating younger people won’t be rushing for the appointments in the same way that was seen with some of the earlier tiers. 

Given the scheduling issues of the previous tiers, Channel 3 asked Lamont if the state's current systems could handle an expected onslaught of young people's appointments.

"If we need to do more, we’ll do what it takes, but I do say, look: Those first couple of days, there’s always a crowd. It takes a little bit of patience and let those most in need get in the front of the line," Lamont said.

Keith Grant is the Director for Infection Prevention for Hartford HealthCare. He said they have the space and the ability to administer more doses. Up until this point, there’s just been a lack of vaccine.

"We’re prepared at Hartford HealthCare, and I know Yale is for a fact as well, to upscale significantly to facilitate this," Grant said.

Major accelerations as any adult in Connecticut may have the opportunity to schedule a vaccine appointment on April 5.

One thing that’s not changing is the foundation of the rollout.

It will remain based on age.

Those with comorbidities won’t see a higher priority, but the state is delegating them to doctors.

Gov. Ned Lamont provided an update on March 15 on the state's coronavirus response efforts.

There is an expectation that people can work with their healthcare provider to schedule an appointment in those first few weeks of April.

For more information on Connecticut's new vaccine rollout, including where to register and clinic locations, head here.

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(6) comments


We must keep the cart in the wake of the mare. Vaccinations first. Easing restrictions second.


As long as the cart is in the wake of the mare. My concern is with statements coming out that they intend to put the cart a full year - or later - behind the mare, which means that the mare *and* her wake will leave us far, far behind.

Actions need to have consequences. Our government needs to start assuring us that we *can* reopen if we vaccinate. Every time they say that we won't reopen even if we vaccinate, fewer people will be interested in complying... if the mare and her wake are a year's travel away, that cart ain't moving.


Multiple studies show that vaccinated people simply aren't being hospitalized with COVID and aren't spreading it to other people. If vaccination was actually treated as the key to reduced or eliminated restrictions, instead of government officials demanding vaccination while claiming that we will still be wearing masks to the grocery store into summer of 2022, guarantee the interest in the vaccine would rise. But right now, policy in much of the country is not in line with science... Thankfully, Lamont has been reducing restrictions recently. Let's hope he continues as the vaccine becomes more available.


Just go get vaccinated. It is not complicated.


Unfortunately, it is that complicated. It shouldn't have to be. I have medical complications that don't raise my risk for COVID, but do mean that the restrictions have a strongly disparate effect on me. So I can 'just go get vaccinated', that part won't be complicated once my age bracket comes due. But if restrictions remain well into next year, as government officials are claiming, whether I'm vaccinated or not, then my life continues to be severely impacted. People are suffering.

If they follow the science and lift restrictions as vaccination advances, then I'm sure that will encourage more people to become vaccinated. If it doesn't matter... why does it matter? The vaccine risk is miniscule, but it does exist, and people won't bother if they see absolutely zero benefit. Especially if they have to add that chore to the daunting task of remaining alive under current restrictions.

Brian C. Duffy

The "science" is currently tracking B117 and Spring Break so it's going to be awhile before restrictions will be lifted. In the meantime littleone, keep wearing your mask in stores and keep taking your meds to counteract your "disparate" (or is that desperate?) effects.

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville, CT

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