Allegations of forgery over absentee ballots surface in West Haven

There are allegations of forgery over absentee ballots in West Haven that have surfaced. (WFSB)

There are allegations of forgery over absentee ballots in West Haven that have surfaced.

Nancy Rossi, who knocked off Mayor Ed O’Brien during the primary in September, says she's concerned something funny is going on with absentee ballots.Specifically at least two people they're aware of, getting a ballot after never requesting one.

"I’m very, very concerned about it and have been for quite some time, there have been consistent irregularities in the ab process in West Haven for years,” said Rossi, a candidate for mayor.

She said she was alerted to a potential problem earlier this month, when a candidate on her team stopped by Sharon Alling's house on Highland Avenue.

"Knocking on doors, asking if people needed a ballot. These people told them, this mother and son, had received them unsolicited, the actual ballots. He thought first maybe it was an application, it was not the application, it was the actual ballot,” Rossi said.

Alling said she was shocked to see the first ballot show up in the mail, adding that neither she nor her son ever signed for that one.

"I never signed nothing, but the other guy came to my house, I did sign. I told him I got a paper, he went to make copies, they forged my son's name and my name,” Alling said.

Rossi's camp provided documents, along with an affidavit in which Alling said she never signed the first absentee ballot application.

"I have no idea about, I just heard about it for the first time. I find it something hard to believe my campaign would do,” said Mayor O’Brien. “I don't think it’s anything that was done by my campaign, we're very much above board."

With Election Day less than three weeks away, Rossi is asking for an investigation.

"One has to wonder, what the intent was? It’s just very, very odd. Why would you fill out an application and sign someone else's name and that's what these people are alleging and they are outraged,” Rossi said.

In addition to sending the information to the police department, Rossi's team says they're also contacting the Secretary of the State's office, asking for a monitor not just on Election Day, but also to audit the absentee ballots beforehand.

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