Alleged drunk driver crashed into teens Halloween party Monday night

Police arrested Colin Kenniston Monday night after he crashed into a Halloween party (WFSB/Plainville PD)

A Halloween party in Plainville Monday night transformed into a real life horror movie after police say a drunk driver crashed through a fence and ran over two teenagers.

On Tuesday, there was still plenty of damage at the home on Red Stone Hill Road after the Halloween party.

A portion of the fence was smashed to bits, and there was still debris all over the ground, but people who were at the party are just relieved nobody was killed.

Elyssa Tomczyk was at the party on Monday night, along with about 15 other people. It started out as a great time, she said.

“It was fun, we made up stories, watched ghost stories, it was a blast,” Tomczyk said.

But around 9 p.m., things got crazy.

“I saw lights under the fence and I realized something's not right and when I was about to get up the truck went through,” Tomczyk said.

She watched in horror as someone drove a pickup truck right through the fence, then sped right past her, missing her by inches.

“I was speechless I was shaking at the time and I ran into the house,” Tomczyk said.

Police identified the driver as Colin Kenniston, who kept going and ran over two other teenagers.

“I heard screaming looked outside saw the pickup truck already through the fence trying to backup as the kids were screaming and the adults were trying to stop the pickup truck,” said Elyssa’s dad Peter Tomczyk.

He ran across the street and said he tried to stop Kenniston, but he kept going.

Then he ran to the two teens who had been hit. They were a 17-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister.

Police arrested Kenniston who lives nearby, a short time later.

He is facing six criminal charges, including driving under the influence and evading responsibility.

Students said Plainville High School had made counselors available if anyone needs to talk.

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