Almost Famous Brewing is getting close to opening

Almost Famous Brewing is getting close to opening in East Granby (WFSB). 

ESAT GRANBY (WFSB) – Something’s Brewing heads back to Almost Famous Brewing as the get close to opening up.

Chip Glanovsky joined Courtney Zieller for a look into the brewery as it transitioned from under construction to almost open.

“We were hoping to give all the potential customers a view of what this place was going to look like when we are open,” Glanovsky said. “We’re really happy with how it’s coming out. You know, a lot changes since you’ve been here. The taproom is set up. I think we got our menu boards put in. The TVs are up. The sound systems is in, we’ve got some things set-up on the patio now, so you get an idea of what that’s going to look like. So we’re moving along and we’re a lot closer than we were.”

Glanovsky told Zieller the brewery is also working on an outdoor space and the current patio is a bit smaller than it eventually will be.

“We’ll be able to accommodate up to about 100 people outside once the whole area is fully set-up,” he said.

The main taproom will be able to accommodate about 150-180 people and the brewery will also have a private room for about 40 people.

Brewer and owner Jim Wilfinger joined Zieller next and spoke about the beers the brewery is making to get ready for opening.

“First we have a traditional German pilsner,” Wilfinger said. “It has to lager for about 8 weeks, so it’s about halfway through the process.”

Next was the brewery’s double IPA.

“It’s the crowd favorite,” Wilfinger said. “We’ve got the last dry hop to do in carbonation and that’ll be going into a serving tank.”

Wilfinger will also have a single IPA that is similar to the double, just a bit dialed down.

There’s also a peach sour.

“We started experimenting with sours,” Wilfonger said. “We had problems getting fruit in the beginning. And we took peach because we thought, “hey, you know what? Let’s give it a shot.” and I think every person that’s had that has really been surprised about how refreshing it is and, um, we were like, “you know what? We’re going to take this and scale it up.”

Glanovksy said they are looking to open soon and folks who are interested can find them on social media for more details.

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