West Haven City Hall

West Haven City Hall 

WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – An ongoing FBI investigation inside West Haven’s city hall is sure to be a hot topic during Wednesday night’s mayoral debate.

It gets underway at 6pm.

Beforehand, Channel 3 reached out to West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi, but she didn’t respond.

Meanwhile, her opponent said he’s been looking forward to this debate, and that should come as no surprise, especially based on what’s happened at city hall within the last week.

In West Haven, the mayor’s race is no doubt the talk of the town especially after the FBI spent some time at city hall, apparently looking into what happened to some of the city’s federal COVID relief funding.

“I am so excited to have this debate tonight, it’s going to be an incredible opportunity to really lay out the stark differences between myself and this administration that has broken the public trust,” said Barry Lee Cohen, the Republican candidate, and city councilor, running against Rossi.

He is looking to become the first Republican to take the mayor’s office in West Haven since 1989, in a race that all of a sudden is getting a lot of attention.

Last week, Rossi, who just last month won the Democratic Primary, announced that the city uncovered improper and potentially fraudulent expenditures of some of the city’s $1.2 million in federal CARES Act money.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Rossi said she couldn’t divulge details about any FBI involvement, but said the state’s Office of Policy Management is looking to do an audit on the spending, adding anyone who did anything illegal, must be held accountable and the city made whole.

“I also want some type of punishment, whether it’s the person gets incarceration whatever it means,” Rossi had said.

“This administration has not apologized to its residents, businesses and residents are have basically waiting for and don’t understand why hundreds of thousands of dollars have been potentially diverted,” Cohen said.

The debate at the high school is scheduled to go for more than two hours Wednesday, so voters will no doubt get to hear plenty from both candidates in the lead up to November.

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