SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) - Crews remained on the scene of an ammonia leak in Southington Monday morning.

They pinpointed the source of the leak as coming from Diamond Ice, an ice manufacturer, at 93 Industrial Dr.

Southington firefighters said nearby residents reported smelling the ammonia around 8:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Crews pinpointed the source of the leak as coming from Diamond Ice, an ice manufacturer, at 93 Industrial Dr.

"When I went to go to sleep, I could hardly open my eyes," said Melissa Coutinho of Southington. "I tried splashing my eyes with really cold water. It kind of worked, and it just burned a lot."

The leak forced some of them to shelter in place at the time.

Crews were on the scene for hours. Multiple fire departments attempted to quickly get the leak fixed.

Melissa Coutinho's mother, Daniela Dimelo, noticed the commotion.

"All the neighbors were walking around," Dimelo said. "And so when you saw everyone running, [they told us] 'go home.' And I just felt like 'oh my God, what happened?'"

The regional hazmat team was called in to assist the Southington Fire Department.

Officials said that at one point, residents within a mile and a half of Industrial Drive were told to shelter in place, keep their windows closed and shut off their air conditioning units.

Some Plainville residents were also asked to shelter in place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said high levels of ammonia could cause damage to the skin, mouth, eyes and lungs.

"In high concentrations, yes it could be poisonous to humans," said Deputy Chief Scott DiBattista, Southington Fire Department. "The good news is, it is a lighter than air gas, so most of it will go up into the atmosphere and dissipate. And it was venting properly through the roof."

The material is used in many industries, including agriculture and manufacturing.

Though a shelter-in-place order was lifted, crews remained on the scene of an ammonia leak in Southington.

The shelter in place order was eventually lifted.

A shelter in place order in Southington due to an amonia leak was lifted.

Fire officials said the leak was brought under control.

Firefighters said they were able to use a thermal camera to determine how bad it was.

"It was actually venting through the roof, coming from a vent, of which it should, but from the scope we knew there was a problem inside the building," said Chief James Paul, Southington Fire Department.

Industrial Drive was closed during the ordeal.

After about four hours, the order was lifted. The ventilation helped. However, crews said they continued to use tools like a water fan.

An ammonia leak in Southington is forcing some to shelter in place.

Fire officials said they are still trying to determine the cause of the leak.

Channel 3 was told that the owners of the business and property are cooperating with the investigation.

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