A bipartisan, bicameral group of legislators from regions all over the state today announced their support for the “Connecticut Jobs and Revenue Act” (CJRA), a bill that enhances the partnership between the state and the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes.

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This is yet another foolhardy idea for what the current administration thinks will be easy money grab much like the Tolls which have been proposed several times

Neither are good ideas and the majority of the people of this state know it.

The creation of the “Infrastructure Emergency” was simply a dog and pony show to mask the fact that Tolls are simply a tax in disguise.

The Casino's are NOT the excellent source of income that our inept Elected Public servants will have you believe.

One need only think back to the demise of Atlantic City to understand that Casino's are not a stable, ongoing source of revenue and they usually cause the surrounding areas to become run down, crime infested and dangerous.

Back when we put the first Casino's into our state, the population was high, people still had some money and the revenue we enjoyed was to be spent on education programs.

But soon the education “Lock Box” disappeared and that revenue was dropped in the General Fund, a black hole where money goes in and no services come out.

Clearly, the General Fund in this state needs a Private Forensic Account firm to investigate where all the money has actually gone the last forty years.

But as the financial stability of the state became unclear and people started leaving it in droves, attendance at the Casino's plummeted are now the establishments are no longer contributing those large sums of money into the coffers.

This administration has to finally take a step back and do what they should have from the beginning, make major cuts in spending.

A spending cap should be imposed until the administration offers its constituents a real budget that will solve the issues we now face. No raises should be offered to these elected people until they start acting fiscally responsible and further, they should offer to do their respective jobs for free until they show some progress.

Where in the private sector do you see people do so poor a job but still merit an increase in salary? All would be fired in the private sector but we allow it with our employee’s.

Until the people of this State demand change at the top, this administration will continue down the road that they and those of the past 40 years of administrations have, sounding a death knell to our once great, financially stable state.

Finally, this Administration must stop the attempts at the quick and easy solutions and face the fact that at the current rate of exit of its constituents, there will be nobody living here to pay the outrageous taxes required to save those left behind from ruin.

Soon, only the poor and elderly will be left, will this administration propose getting tax revenue from them?

And if all of the businesses and taxpayers are leaving our state, what is truth about the alleged Infrastructure Emergency. I think we all now the answer to that.

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