BETHANY, CT (WFSB) -- Officials with the Woodbridge Regional Animal Control are seeking the public’s help to locate the suspect who left a dog to die in a crate.

Officials said a Public Work’s employee came upon a dead dog in a crate in a wooded area of town while they were mowing.

The crate was found down an embankment.

The dog, officials said, was a young, grey and white female bully type dog with a wide purple collar and was determined to have been alive at the time of its abandonment.

Officials from Woodbridge Regional Animal Control said it is believed the dog was dumped late last week. She died a few days later.

"My heart broke. She was beautiful. I don't understand people's actions," said Ashley Sakelarakis, Woodbridge animal control officer.

Now officials are working to figure out who did this.

"I really have to say -- to everyone out there. If your neighbors are missing a dog or you see a dog that's been in the neighborhood and it's not there anymore, large gray Pitbull, floppy ears, female, with a white chest, please give us a call," said Karen Lombardi, Woodbridge Regional animal control officer.

The non-profit that the animal control is affiliated with, One Big Dog, is offering a $1,000 reward for any tips leading to the arrest or conviction of the person responsible.

A Woodbridge resident also came forward saying they'll match that number.

"If you have a dog that you can't keep anymore, be patient -- reach out. There are people who will try to help you. This is not the answer," Lombardi said.

In the post on their Facebook page, hundreds of people have posted their condolences for the animal.

“We have her body and we are going to lay her to rest with the respect she deserves,” officials wrote. “We never knew her, but we are grieving for her and we will remember her always.”

Officials are asking for those with information to contact Woodbridge Regional Municipal Animal Control, located at 135 Bradley Road, at (203)389-5991.

(Warning, the images are disturbing) To see the full Facebook post and other photos from Woodbridge Animal Control, click here

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