NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - The search continues for a gunman who police said shot and killed a man and nearly murdered a police captain.

Thursday morning, police said an anonymous that a suspect in the death of Troy Clark and wounding of police Capt. Anthony Duff tip led them to a home on Ferry Street.

Detectives responded to the address. However, a search found nothing. The scene was quickly cleared. 

Clark's family held a vigil on Wednesday night in New Haven.

He was described as a beloved son and uncle. They said he was always happy and that they'll miss his jokes the most.

They're also hoping his killer is found and brought to justice.

Clark was in the Dixwell Avenue neighborhood when he was murdered Monday night, according to police.

New Haven police Capt. Anthony Duff tried to intervene and was also shot, three times.

Police said they had trouble identifying Clark at first. When his family found out, they said they were devastated.

"I was at work. When I got out of work, I couldn’t even find my car, like that’s how my mind was racing and they didn’t tell what happened they just said something happened and I was just shook," said Denaja Napoleon, Clark's niece.

A motive for the murder has yet to be discovered.

Police said they've been working around the clock to find the answer.

"If you saw anything, even the least little thing can help the police find this person and we need to get them off of our streets," said Mayor Toni Harp.

While Captain Duff is going to be okay, a friend and neighbor of his said the community needs to step up and help put an end to this violence.

“Just a great guy man, hands down, you’ll never find nobody like him,” said Doug Bathea.

He knows the difference Capt. Duff has made firsthand.

“He does everything the right way, does everything for the community. When he was our district manager he turned this community around,” said Bathea, who is a former street outreach worker.

He still has a pulse on the community, and lives in the same neighborhood as Capt. Duff.

“In 2007, when my son was killed, and the young lady, a 13-year-old was killed, he was right there by our sides,” Bathea said.

Clark's family revealed that he's not from Connecticut. They said he's originally from Virginia and was spending time here.

They called it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Local clergy calls for change

Reverend Boise Kimber said as a Dixwell district manager, Capt. Duff was part of the community, and still is today.

“We’re on edge, a friend of ours has been shot, a person has lost their life and now there is a person on the run, so we’re uneasy about this,” Kimber said.

He’s calling for the community to get involved.

“I continue to say, let’s have all hands on deck here, from a community standpoint to a law enforcement stand point,” Kimber said.

Earlier this week, Mayor Harp stressed that when it comes to reducing crime, the cops can’t do it alone. The community needs to play a role.

“As residents, we are part of the crime fighting agenda as well. There were many people who lived on that street who saw what happened. We urge them to call the police at 203-946-6316 and let them know,” Harp said.

That’s a sentiment echoed by Kimber.

“In our neighborhood, somebody always sees something or hears something,” Kimber said.

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