State says city of Ansonia illegally cut funding to school board

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Just as it seemed the battle over school money was settled in Ansonia, teachers are on edge because layoff notices are expected to go out in the next few days.

The Board of Education met on Wednesday night and said layoffs are imminent if the district doesn't get more money from the city.

This fight comes after months of fighting with the city over money for the current school year.

That battle took both sides to court.

Ansonia Superintendent Carol Merlone said without more money, schools would have had to end the year early.

Mayor David Cassetti called it a bullying tactic.

Both sides finally reached an agreement to pay the bills and keep schools open.

Now, however, the battle isn't over.

The board looked ahead to the next school year and found the same problem.

Next year's school budget is $31.2 million.

The city funded the schools at the 2016 level, not the 2017 level where the district saw an extra $600,000.

The district said if it doesn't get the money, students will see programs cut and teachers laid off.

"People want to know what their futures hold," said Mat Hough, Ansonia Federation of Teachers. "We go through this every year in Ansonia, but this is by far the worst we ever dealt with."

The situation could bring both sides back to court.

The board said the notices will likely go out on Monday.

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