(WFSB) - COVID infections have been rising over the past few days.

There's some confusion and concern, because those who are fully vaccinated are testing positive.

COVID infections have been rising over the past few days.

People are concerned they got the vaccine and when the restrictions were over, many say they felt safe.

Now, we are seeing those who are fully vaccinated test positive and in some cases, they are feeling sick.

Some may question whether the vaccines are as good as they may have thought.

Doctors say the vaccines are good and are working.

"The problem is our perception of what the vaccine was supposed to do. We always thought the vaccine was supposed to stop transmission and it does reduce transmission for a certain extent, but the main goal of the vaccine is really to prevent severe disease," Dr. Ulysses Wu of Hartford Healthcare said.

Dr. Wu says vaccines are preventing severe disease and that vaccines are keeping people out of the hospital.

When someone who has been vaccinated gets infected, these are called breakthrough COVID cases and they are rare.

Of more the than 2 million fully vaccinated Connecticut residents, 854 have contracted COVID.

That's an increase from about 600 breakthrough cases since May.

Among those infected 46 percent had symptoms. Over 17 percent had to be hospitalized.

Out of that 17 percent, a majority were 55 and older. There have been 21 deaths.

Dr. Wu says the Delta variant is largely to blame. As we try to resume normal life, it comes with a risk.

"And with normal behavior, obviously, we are going to have more transmissions," Dr. Wu added.

What happens if someone who is fully vaccinated gets sick or thinks they may have been exposed?

Doctors say the first thing you should do is get tested. That way you will know for sure if you have COVID.

If you do, you should do what many had to do during much of the pandemic and that is quarantine.

That's the best way to stop spreading the virus.

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