WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – It’s the first day of Waterbury Hospital’s pollen count this year and the numbers are already way above normal.

Officials say this is actually a sign of a typical season and while the count just started on Monday, trees have been pollinating for about a month already.

Weather plays a big role in how our allergy season shapes up year to year and this season looks to be pretty active until the end.

There is now data to back up that that there’s a lot ore pollen in the air.

Waterbury Hospital’s pollen count is more than 5,300, while it’s already considered very high at 1,500.

But, is this a higher than normal count for Connecticut?

“It starts lower in April, and then as you get later into April, earlier May, the pollen does rise. It’s normal to see it kind of high at this point,” said Franca Hahn, Clinical Laboratory Scientist at Waterbury Hospital.

Birch and Oak trees are the biggest pollinators for the state, but starting in June, grass will start pollinating. Then in August, weeds will start pollinating.

Mold is present in each phase of the allergy season, so Channel 3 asked if people can be allergic to more than one of the allergens.

“Depends on what you’re allergic to. Some people are allergic to all three kinds of pollen. Some people tend to be more allergic to the weeds or the trees,” Hahn said.

This year, Connecticut has had pretty mild weather, with storms sprinkling here and there.

The hospital says the weather has helped these allergens thrive.

“What the warming has done is produce dramatic increase in the amount of pollen because pollen loves two things. It loves sunlight and moisture,” said Dr. Christopher Randolph.

There’s a common thought that eating honey, especially local honey, can help with allergies, but the allergists say there isn’t enough evidence to say that.


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