HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- The anti-toll movement heading straight for the governor’s office on Thursday.

Just as a vote on the tolls plan is expected possibly next week, the group ‘No Tolls CT’ delivered a petition with 100,000 signatures to Gov. Ned Lamont at 11 a.m.

Lawmakers are under pressure to fix the state’s transportation infrastructure, and Democrats are adamant that tolls are the answer.

However, the anti-toll movement is firing back, with a petition that argues taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay to drive to work.

A report by the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century claims the state should focus on the economic impact of highway improvements.

"They see the fact that transportation is really holding back economic development, that you look at I-95 between Bridgeport and Stamford, who in their right mind drives that,” said Bob Guenther, executive director of CT21.

After the petition was delivered, an anti-toll rally was held on the steps of the State Capitol.

"I don't think any other petition has gotten that many signatures. Our goal now is to make sure governor and lawmakers in this building understand taxpayers have had enough," said Patrick Sasser, No Tolls CT. 

The Connecticut Construction Association says tolls are a long-term solution, which puts some of the burden on out of state drivers. 

"My question for those against tolls is what is your plan five years from now. Where do you really think the money is going to come from," said Don Shubert, CT Construction Association. 

Numbers released last month showed that drives between the state's largest cities could cost drivers between $1.28 and $1.80 per trip.

Gov. Lamont has been saying he will release an updated toll plan, but it will still include 50 gantries on all major highways like I-91.

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(8) comments


This governor is a big fat liar and I am so glad that even though I am a registered Democrat I voted Republican cause I saw through this liar as soon as he opened his mouth, now he is once again hurting the people that live in CT the people he should protect and care about. We already have the highest gas tax and where is that money going that is supposed to fix roads, maybe should stop the waste that you use the money for. And also we never needed fast track or anything like that. Maybe should put more petitions out there to sign against the tolls cause I didn't see the first one and never signed it, I myself and know of several hundred of people that would sign another one against tolls. Can't wait till this governor gets voted out and never gets the opportunity to a second term. Malloy was bad and Lamont is worst wake up people.


Please take some of the responsibility for the tolls if you voted for Ned. What did you think he was going to do? 8 years with Malloy and you've learned nothing. Sad part is you've hung all of us who didn't vote for him.


People approving of tolls approve of inflation which will wipe out any gains and more.


CT voted FOR having transportation funds that were collected specifically for transportation improvements to be in a "lock box." That means that any funds collected for transportation can only be used for transportation purposes. No more pillaging, like frustrated says. Just check online.


Yes, cause these folks signing this petition want CT residents to foot 100% of the infrastructure bills instead of having out of state drivers contribute. Borrowing and bonding is the non toll option. And paying that back lands squarely on the backs of CT tax payers. Tolls provide tax revenue that will have MA, VT, ME, NH, NY, NJ drivers also paying for the infrastructure improvements.


Ask someone from those states how their infrastructure improved....


We HAVE a fund to fix the roads and bridges. It's called the GAS TAX! That is supposed to be what it is for. To fix roads and bridges, but they pillaged it for other things. Stop pillaging the gas tax for other reasons and put the money where it is INTENDED and we wouldn't need these ridiculous tolls.

You KNOW the money will AGAIN be pillaged for other things as this government cannot stop their spending addiction. Until they do, things will never change.


I'm sure if this petition were known to the public there would be over a million signatures. Lamont is unfit for Governor. Does anyone even know what he campaigned on? I'm 1000% sure tolls for residents was not one of them.

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