Apartment complex dumped mounds of snow on woman's property

An apartment complex admitted to dumping snow on a woman's property (Submitted)

It may sound strange but a mound of snow dumped at a woman’s house may be a criminal matter in one city.

After Blizzard Brody hit Bristol, the biggest snow bank on Prospect Street stood on Tammy O’Connor’s front lawn.

“I saw the mound it looked like a ski slope,” O’Connor said.

A local apartment complex admits their snow removal company is responsible and they've apologized, but the folks who live there want to see action, not just words.

O’Connor knew who was responsible, and she whipped out her cell phone and hit record.

She said her tenants watched a work crew from the Huntington Woods Apartment Complex, which is located right across the street, dump so much snow that they could touch the top of the snow bank from the second story deck.

O’Connor’s 92-year-old grandmother Marie lives on the first floor and was worried the deck could be in danger of collapsing.

Fortunately, city building instructors came out and deemed it safe, but O’Connor is still steamed.

“I was very angry that someone would do this to a 92-year-old woman that they know lives here,” O’Connor said.

After she called police on Wednesday and complained, one of the crew members came back.

“He admitted it in front of his manager. That he was the one that did it. But he never said he was sorry, or anything like that. He just said we are going to clean up the mess. But as you can see they did not,” O’Connor said.

The crew did remove most of the snow surrounding the deck.

O’Connor said Huntington Woods management has apologized and promised this will never happen again, but she said after everything that's happened she'll be ready for anything next time.

“I'm going to guarantee there are nice big boulders here next season,” she said.

She added that Huntington Woods management has promised to remove the rest of the snow by Friday morning.

A spokesman for the apartment complex sent over a written statement about this issue accepting responsibility, stating "We apologize to the neighbor and her family for this incident and we have taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. In past storms, our snow removal company has understood that snow should be kept on our property. In this instance, however, the plow operator was not familiar with our procedures and made a mistake. We have explained the situation to Ms. Caron-O’Connor and we have taken steps to remove the snow from her grandmother’s yard. We also have spoken to our contractor to make sure proper snow removal procedures are followed in the future. I have attached the Building Department’s note regarding its inspection of the property. Please feel free to call my cell phone if you have any further questions."

Bristol police are investigating.

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