HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - The Archdiocese of Hartford released information about clerical sexual abuse on Tuesday.

The archdiocese published the names of all clergy who were the objects of legal settlements or faced credible accusations from 1953 to the present.

"Since 1953, 36 archdiocesan clergy have been credibly accused, of whom 23 are now deceased," the archdiocese said in a statement. "In addition, there have been six religious order priests and six priests from other dioceses who offended within the Archdiocese."

For a list of the parishes at which the clergy served, head here.

Priests/Transitional Deacon of the Archdiocese of Hartford (36)

  • Altermatt, Gregory
  • Buckley, Joseph
  • Bzdyra, Stephen
  • Clarkin, Herbert
  • Crowley, Stephen
  • Doyle, Robert
  • Ferguson, Ivan
  • Foley, Stephen
  • Glynn, Thomas
  • Gotta, Paul
  • Graham, John
  • Hussey, Philip
  • Hyland, Edward
  • Lacy, Joseph
  • Ladamus, Robert
  • Maguire, Felix
  • Manspeaker, Terry
  • McGann, Richard
  • McSheffery, Daniel
  • Mitchell, Peter
  • Muha, Edward
  • Nash, Howard
  • O’Connor, John T.
  • Paul, Raymond
  • Paturzo, Louis
  • Perrault, Arthur
  • Przybylo, William
  • Raffaeta, George
  • Reardon, Edward
  • Renkiewicz, Adolph
  • Rozint, Joseph
  • Shea, Robert E.
  • Shiner, Kenneth
  • Tissera,(Wamakulasuriya) Edward
  • Werpechowski, Felix
  • Zizka, Peter

Externs (Priests belonging to another Archdiocese/Diocese (6)

  • Kramek, Roman
  • Meunier, Lucien
  • Franklin, Edward
  • Primavera, Bruno
  • Ramsay, John B.
  • Rivera, Jose

Religious Order Priests (6)

  • Izquierdo, William LC
  • Miller, Michael OFM Conv.
  • Pelkington, Robert Leo OP
  • Pryor, John OAR
  • Rudy, John OFM
  • Szantyr, John

Currently, there are no priests in ministry who have been credibly accused, officials said.

They also said Judge Antonio Robaina was retained by the archdiocese to conduct an independent investigation. The objective would be to "provide a comprehensive and transparent accounting of sexual abuse of minors by clergy in the Archdiocese of Hartford."

The findings will be reported to the archbishop.

Any addition names uncovered by the investigation will be added to the archdiocese's website.

To date, officials said there have been 142 settled claims involving 29 archdiocesan clergy and three priests from other diocese. The settlements totaled $50.6 million.

Of that, $26.1 million was paid from insurance recoveries and $24.5 million was from a general reserve fund.

The average settlement was around $356,338. 

"It should be noted that 98 percent of settlements paid were for allegations of abuse of a minor that occurred before 1990," the archdiocese said.

Archbishop Leonard Blair posted a message about the report to YouTube.

“I ask, the Church must ask, for forgiveness from those who have been victims of child sexual abuse by clergy, and from their parents, siblings, and friends. Healing and reconciliation continue to be an essential but not easy goal, given the terrible effects that these sins and crimes can cause in the lives of victims, to whom the Church owes the deepest expression of sorrow and apology," Blair said.

The archdiocese has been in compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People since it was adopted by the U.S. Bishops in 2002, officials said. All policies and codes pertaining to the protection of minors and vulnerable adults can be found in the Archdiocese’s Office of Safe Environment Handbook.

The information was posted to the archdiocese's website here.

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I guess, then that it's too late to do anything about the 23 dead ones, then isn't it ?

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