Arrest warrants detail abuse scandal at Connecticut Valley Hospital


Channel 3 has obtained the warrants that lead to the arrests of nine employees after an abuse scandal at Connecticut Valley Hospital.

Nine employees face criminal charges and 31 are on paid leave. See their mug shots by clicking here.

According to the arrest warrant, the worst of the abuse was caught on surveillance cameras.

The arrest warrant clearly spells out the depth of the abuse patients at Connecticut Valley Hospital faced from people who were supposed to be protecting them. All nine of the employees, who worked at the Whiting Forensic Division in Middletown, which is a maximum-security psychiatric hospital for patients who have committed heinous crimes.

All nine employees are accused of kicking or poking patients and some are accused of going much further.

According to the arrest warrant at one point forensic nurse Mark Cusson "mounts the patient's bed and straddles himself over the patient placing his groin in the patient's face." Later, Cusson “bends over and places his buttocks in the patients face."

According to the arrest warrant, Cusson is also "seen pulling the sheets from under the patient and using the sheet to wipe liquid from the floor."

Then, "Cusson is seen taking the mop out of the bucket, places the mop on the patient’s head and mops the patients head with it several times."

Forensic treatment specialist Carl Benjamin along with Cusson team up to "pin the patient down to the bed by placing their legs over the patient's body."

Forensic treatment specialist Lance Camby takes a diaper or underwear and "placed it over the patient's head covering the entire head with it." And later, Camby appears to be smiling outside the hallway.

According to the arrest warrant, forensic treatment specialist Greg Giantonio "kicks the patient off of the bed and then kicks the mattress off of its bed frame."

Giantonio told police, "he does not understand what he did wrong to be placed on administrative leave."

All nine workers were out on bond and return to court next month. They're on administrative leave but are still getting paid.

The nine defendants have bigger problems than their employment status. They face all kinds of charges including cruelty to persons and disorderly conduct.

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