WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) - Frustrations are mounting in West Haven where residents demand to know how federal CARES Act funds were spent.

Days after the FBI visited City Hall for possible misuse of funds, a lot of questions remained.

East Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi said she hasn't heard of any arrests being made yet.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have been investigating the $1.2 million in CARES Act funds West Haven received after the mayor announced Friday afternoon that there may have been fraudulent spending.

Rossi said she can’t divulge details about the FBI's involvement, but that the Office of Policy Management is looking to do an audit into the spending.

"I also want some type of punishment, whether it’s the person gets incarceration, whatever it means," Rossi said.

Tuesday night, residents said they’re concerned an additional audit the city is considering would hurt taxpayers even more.

"Those people that were distressed through COVID, deaths through COVID, economic distress, these are the people who lost out," said West Haven councilman Barry Lee Cohen.

West Haven residents want to know how federal CARES Act funds were spent.

"We have a federal investigation going on. The office of OPM is doing an audit. There’s no need to spend any more taxpayer dollars," said former mayor Ed O'Brien.

During the meeting, others were concerned with the city’s transparency after several residents requested public documents to trace the spending.

West Haven residents want to know how federal CARES Act funds were spent.

Former mayoral candidate John Lewis said he requested a monthly update from the financial director earlier this year.

"There’s a lot of money floating around in the City of West Haven and we needed accounting of it," Lewis said. "Money should go to the small businesses, the homeowners."

After an investigation is done, city leaders said they’re looking for prosecution and for the money to be paid back if it wasn't properly spent.


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