(WFSB) -- It’s been more than a week now since the Stop & Shop strike began.

The unions and Stop & Shop are still at the negotiating table, as more than 30,000 workers continue to hit the picket line.

The sticking points continue to be health benefits and pensions.

Channel 3 was the first station to break the story one week ago.

Stop & Shop's most recent offer involved healthcare premiums it said were still below the national average, a pay increase for associates and continued pension benefits.

Employees say this Easter could be tough for some.

"The community support in this town has been amazing, especially in this day and age,"said Chris Morgan, striking worker. 

On Good Friday, supermarkets are usually busy with shoppers getting ready to make their Easter meals, but the parking lot outside the Manchester Stop & Shop is pretty empty. 

Many shoppers don't want to cross the picket line and are hoping both sides can reach an agreement. 

"They say the last time they did this was in 1988 and it was only for, wasn't even a day. So yeah, I am shocked it's gone this long," said Olive Jackson. 

On it’s website, the latest wage proposal from Stop & Shop stated:

  • In their first year, future part-time associates would receive Sunday premiums of the greater of $1/hour or the minimum required by law and, after that, the greater of $2/hour or the minimum required by law.
  • There are fewer than 100 associates (out of 31,000 in New England) who would receive bonuses annually rather than an hourly wage increase.

The union also posted an update on Thursday, saying “very minimal progress was made”

The union posted on its website:

  • Stop & Shop claims there will be pay increases for all associates.
    • FACT: Their proposal increases many full and part-time workers’ weekly health care premiums by hundreds of dollars; phases out time-and-a-half pay on Sundays and holidays for current part-time workers; and eliminates premium pay entirely for new part-time workers.
  • Stop & Shop claims that health care with deductibles that wouldn’t change.
    • FACT: Their proposal doubles many of your out-of-pocket maximums; kicks off approximately 1,000 spouses currently covered by their family healthcare plan; increases many prescription copays; and increases out-of-pocket costs for ancillary dental and vision coverage.

Stay with Channel 3 for the latest info as it becomes available.

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(2) comments


I try my best to respect companies who provide a service and/or product to the community, but it's those same companies that also need a smack upside the head to realize what they're doing - and what they aren't. Companies, such as Stop & Shop fail to realize just how important their employees really are - they depend on them to provide the best customer service...to keep their workstations clean and functional....to ensure that their departments are fully stocked and cleaned...not too much to ask, right? But the other side of the coin is that if it wasn't for these employees who put their best foot forward, you wouldn't be profiting like you do - think about that for just a moment.... If your (company's) employees didn't do all of this, you wouldn't have the return customers you do - it's not because of you, it's because of the employees! And how do you reward them?...you provide them a low wage, minimal to no benefits, have high expectations from them for top-notch performance - and many are forced to obtain 2nd jobs or apply for state assistance while you reap the rewards. When does it become apparent that employees need to be rewarded for their efforts in their every attempt to increase business and profit margin? And the state of Connecticut is not the least expensive state to live in, so it's even more emphasized that you really sit down at the round table and just look at the greed across the table from you - because it's all the suits and not the employees. Stop & Shop should be shamed for what they're doing on a pubic level as this is not only an insult to the employees who do their very best for you, but also the public who is disgusted with your lack of empathy in this matter. If you ever gave back what these employees gave you, your employee crew would then reaping the rewards that are deserved - get a grip


I disagree entirely, these employees should count their blessings having a no skill job with benefits.

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