Missing Connecticut mom's husband said in an interview he 'had a beautiful life' prior to her disappearance

The estranged husband of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos said he had a beautiful life before her disappearance, was "enamored" with his girlfriend and that the divorce was the only thing that wasn't positive.

NEW CANAAN, CT (WFSB) – As the search for a missing Connecticut mother continues, new developments in the case arise.

It’s a high-profile case, garnering attention around the world, after Jennifer Dulos went missing in May.

Now, a gag order is place for this case.

Channel 3 spoke to an attorney and legal analyst to discuss what that means for this investigation.

Going forward, no new information will be released from prosecutors or police unless it’s in court or there is another arrest. But, what does that mean for defense attorney Norm Pattis who is known for speaking freely?

“It sounds like there’s duct tape over the mouths over everyone involved in the preceding at this point. That’s not really the case. There is a lot of wiggle room, a lot of leeway in that order,” said Attorney Aaron Keller.

Aaron Keller is a licensed attorney in Connecticut. He’s also covering the case of Fotis Dulos and the disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Farber Dulos, as a host and analyst on the law and crime network based out of New York City.

“The parties can state to the press what’s on the public record. The police and the attorney [write the public record],” Keller said.

Since the beginning of the case, Pattis, who is defending Fotis, has floated a number of theories as to where Jennifer could be. Everything from a revenge suicide to even staging her death in order to disappear like the book and move “Gone Girl,” which has drawn the ire of Jennifer’s friends and family.

TIMELINE: Events surrounding New Canaan mom's disappearance

Pattis denies his client had anything to do with the disappearance and did so again outside court on Thursday, following Fotis’ recent re-arrest for tampering with evidence.

“I guess what our message is, when you decide what you think, come see us in court and stop telling us what you believe because those beliefs aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on,” Pattis said.

Keller said the judge is balancing the First Amendment and freedom of speech, whole at the same time, the right to due process and a fair trial, and that when those rights collide, it can get tough.

“We don’t want the trial conducted outside the court room, we want evidence. We want the state held to its burden of proof and in a situation where the police may be leaking information, where the defense is spinning all these theories, it really gets in the way to the right of a fair trial, but remember, who is the one with the right? It’s the defendant who has the right,” Keller said.

Pattis has said the gag order will not impact him by releasing a statement saying, “As to the ‘gag order’ ruling … it appears simply to restate existing law. We remain committed to a vigorous and public defense of Mr. Dulos.”

Fotis is due back in court in October.

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