HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - A bill to protect women's health got its first hearing on Monday.

Connecticut's Attorney General told members of the public health committee pro-life groups are using deceptive advertising.

Hartford recently enacted its own ordinance, this would be on a state level.

Connecticut's new attorney general gave his first testimony on a bill that could change the way pro-life groups advertise their services.

"This bill is a consumer protection bill. It simply says anyone operating in CT, if you operate a limited services pregnancy center, you should do so honestly and transparently,” said William Tong, CT Attorney General.

The issue is what groups like Carenet of southeastern Connecticut say on their website. Things like, “considering an abortion” and “how to take care of yourself.”

Sara Croucher, from CT Naral, a national pro-choice group says women are being misled to believe these groups provide options.

"These centers that put themselves out and clearly say to people if they are looking for help in finding abortion care, they should come to these centers to get that advice. When in face these centers are opposed to abortion and not going to give that information,” said Croucher.

She says if women wait too long to make a decision, it could be too late to have an abortion.

Hartford had a situation where women going to a clinic that provides healthcare and abortions were being lured by another clinic, a pro-life center.

Patients said they were being harassed by employees of the Hartford women's center, which opened up recently next door.

The city passed a law which requires clinics like the women's center to post a sign which says there is no licensed medical provider on site to provide care.

Lisa Maloney is from Carenet says there is no deception.

"If they were to scroll down through the whole website, on every single page it says this PRC doesn't refer or perform abortions,” said Maloney.

Other states have passed similar legislation, including California and Massachusetts.

Whether that will influence Connecticut lawmakers remains to be seen.

This was a public hearing, if it makes it out of committee, it will go to a vote.

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