Hernandez suicide notes ordered to be released ahead of burial

Aaron Hernandez's death has officially been ruled a suicide. (File photo)

A jailhouse friend of Aaron Hernandez is suggesting the former NFL star hinted at his suicide weeks before he was found hanging by a bedsheet in his prison cell last week.

According the attorney, the 22-year-old and Aaron Hernandez were friends while they were being held at the Sousa Baranowski Prison in Shirley, Massachusetts.

He did not disclose the nature of their relationship.

However, he said Hernandez left behind a $50,000 watch to his client.

Kennedy’s lawyer said a note that Hernandez left behind was believed to be addressed to Kyle. He is seeking a copy of that letter, but said he has yet to get a response from prison officials.

Lawrence Army Jr., an attorney for inmate Kyle Kennedy, said Wednesday that Hernandez told his client in early March that he was thinking he was "going to hang it up."

Army said his client didn't take the comment seriously at the time. Hernandez apparently made the remark while on trial for the killing of two men in Boston in 2012. That trial began in February and ended on April 14 with Hernandez's acquittal.

Army also said the two inmates had been close and even requested to be cellmates months before Hernandez died. He says that request was denied by prison officials.

Kennedy was put on a suicide watch after Hernandez took his own life.

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