Aunt Jemima will change name and logo after more than 130 years

Bottles of Aunt Jemima syrup are displayed for sale at a ShopRite Holdings Ltd. grocery store in Stratford, Connecticut, on Aug. 3, 2011.

(Meredith/CNN) - Quaker Oats is retiring the Aunt Jemima brand and logo after more than 130 years.

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype," the company said in a statement first obtained by NBC News.

"As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers' expectations." 

Aunt Jemima's appearance has evolved over time. The brand's origin and logo is based off the song "Old Aunt Jemima" from a minstrel show performer. The company's website said the logo started in 1890 and was based on Nancy Green, a "storyteller, cook and missionary worker." The Aunt Jemima brand was purchased by Quaker Oats in 1926. PepsiCo bought Quaker Oats in 2001.

There have been repeated calls for the company to change the logo. In 2017, the husband of the late B. Smith called on the company to change it and said it was the epitome of "female humiliation."

After a nationwide reckoning on race following the death of George Floyd in police custody, companies are making changes.

Pepsi hasn't yet revealed a new logo or brand name for the breakfast items. That will debut in the fall.

NBC News also reported that Pepsi will donate $5 million over the next five years "create meaningful, ongoing support and engagement in the Black community."

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I think Mark Milley is pandering. He is a career military Flag Officer. He doesn't want to end up fired like one of many Generals Obama fired when he took office. He anticipates Trump will lose in 2020, and he knows what to say to keep his job in the next administration. I think people have a right to expect neutrality from the military. If it was wrong for General MacArthur in 1951, it is equally wrong for any US General to publicly criticize his commander-in-chief today. If you want to take political stands, quit first.

Brian C. Duffy

If you want to take a political stand and be taken seriously, use your real name.


But you use your real name and no one takes you seriously.


And have you and your friends show up at my house 24/7, screaming obscenities and threatening my family? No thanks!

Brian C. Duffy

Bull. If you were seriously concerned about your safety, you wouldn't even chance it commenting under any screen name. You're a fraud. You cannot validate a single statement you make here. Can't have it both ways.

Brian Duffy ~~ 86 45 2020


Don't sit there lying through your teeth Daffy. You're the type of autist who would dive right to the car as soon as you found out who someone is.


What would satisfy "Black Lives Matter"/"Antifa"? How about "Malcolm X Maple Syrup"? "Huey Newton's Ice Cream Pie"? "Karl Marx Pancake mix"? The possibilities are endless.

Brian C. Duffy

"We have also seen over the last two and a half weeks an especially intense and trying time for America. I am outraged by the senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd. His death amplified the pain, the frustration, and the fear that so many of our fellow Americans live with day in and day out. The protests that have ensued, not only speak to his killing, but also to the centuries of injustice towards African Americans. What we are seeing is the long shadow of original sin in Jamestown, 401 years ago. Liberated by the Civil War, but not equal in the eyes of the law until a 100 years later in 1965. We are still struggling with racism and we have much work to do. Racism and discrimination, structural preferences, patterns of mistreatment, unspoken and unconscious bias have no place in America."

~~ General Mark Milley 11June2020


This must be the sixth time you have repeated this quote. Running out of original ideas? Repeating a lie doesn't make it true. Are you taking inspiration from Joseph Goebbels? From the Jewish Virtual Library: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Brian C. Duffy

So your response is Mark Milley is a liar?


Well I have done my part to improve race relations. No more Aunt Jamima, Uncle Bens and Eskimo pies for me!


Who is next? Mrs. Butterworth? How about just replacing the face with someone, like Beyounce? That bubble butt could easily hold a half gallon of syrup. Pretty soon we will have no national identity. C'mon, really, Aunt Jemima has been adored by generations of pancake lovers. I never equated her image unfavorably, just felt like she must have been a really, really good cook. Oops, have to address that female being the cook image too. Getting pretty sad pholks.

Brian C. Duffy

Tell us, F'dup,

What exactly is your "national identity"?

Brian Duffy ~~ Tariffville

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