(WFSB) - As Capitol Hill remains at a stalemate over a partial government shutdown, safety is a concern while a charity in Bloomfield steps up to help make sure federal workers have food on the table.

Men and women who work at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks will miss a second paycheck by the end of the week.

Aviation workers started picketing outside Bradley around 5 p.m. 

They said the shutdown is causing safety concerns because they're short staffed, work long hours and are not getting paid.

Some air traffic controllers said they left their jobs at other airports. While that hasn't happened at Bradley, those workers can't be jobless for much longer.

"Air traffic controllers will have to start making some hard decisions on how to support their households," said Bryan Krampovitis, air traffic controller.

Christoper Scofield and his wife Melanie are working through a difficult situation. 

"Prioritizing what bills have to be paid, whether we can afford to get oil for the house to heat it, whether I can pay my car lease, whether we can get the mortgage on time," said Scofield. 

Scofield has been working as a technician at air traffic control at Bradley for the last four years. 

He is one of the hundreds of thousands of government employees caught in the middle of the shutdown. 

"I never envisioned it being this long," said Scofield. 

Some aviation workers said they're working second jobs. Others have had to take out loans to make ends meet.

After Scofield puts in his 8 hours at Bradley, he's been driving over to the Simsbury rink for his second job, where he drives the Zamboni. 

"It was always envisioned as a hobby, something for extra money on the side," said Scofield. 

Now, it's his main source of income. 

Scofield, along with several aviation workers, were picketing on Thursday night. 

Airport rules limited the number of picketers to 10, so the faces there represented dozens who couldn't attend. 

"The longer this drags on, you can definitely see a decline in my morale, but in the morale of my other colleagues," said Scofield. 

They'll be able to bring some groceries home thanks to Foodshare.

The local food bank gave out nearly 1,500 pounds of food on Wednesday night.

Foodshare said it knows that that the need will only grow, so the charity will hand out food twice a week to federal workers for as long as the shutdown lasts.

It said it's an honor to help.

TSA employees told Channel 3 that it's making a big difference.

"My mortgage isn't getting paid, the light bills not getting paid, the groceries aren't getting paid," said TSA employee Joyce. "Thank God for Foodshare for helping out."

"I'd like to just say to actually those people who are helping others, this is the best of humanity and we're thankful," said Arturo, another TSA employee. "We're thankful for that."

Foodshare will be at Bradley again on Thursday.

The picketing lasted until 7 p.m. 

Many workers said they're now taping into savings or using credit cards, and admit it's not sustainable. 

Stay with Channel 3 for continuing coverage of the government shutdown.

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concerned citizen

I assume that the affected government workers are also availing themselves of the zero interest loans being made available to them through their credit unions etc. I would have hoped the media would also include that information in stories or updates such as this as it could be very helpful during this difficult time.

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