SIMSBURY, CT (WFSB) -- A bear was euthanized over the weekend after it entered a home in Simsbury Saturday morning.

A man came home Saturday to find the bear inside his house on Pine Glen Road.

Thankfully nobody was inside at the time, and the homeowner called 911 right away.

Investigators said the bear smashed through a screen door.

State EnCon police euthanized the bear, which had entered multiple homes last year.

They were able to identify the bear by its ear tag.

A meeting was held last year regarding the increase in bear activity in the area.

Environmental police often deal with bears in Simsbury.

Last year, the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection took reports of 8,622 bear sightings around the state.

The top three towns for sightings are all in the Farmington valley area. Folks living in Simsbury reported 611 sightings, Farmington had 513, and Avon had 434.

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(4) comments


So I guess we should just sit back and let the bears enter our homes right? Sounds like a plan until it kills or names you and your family members. I am an animal lover, but sometimes they cross the line, and they need to be put down to protect people. The first 2 posts make it look like it were killed for sport, when in reality it was not. The bear clearly lost his fear of humans, and was comfortable coming into people homes. If you dont think that is dangerous then you are out of your mind. I'm all for preserving land, and for man/nature coexisting, but clearly this particular bear was a menace to society. It seems some people can't resist the opportunity to be outraged and politicize any situation, even if that situation involves a bear enter peoples homes! I'd love to see what you'd do if one was in your living room when you get home tonight.


Why does DEEP always go the killing route to address a problem? If people can't learn to live with its environment, then don't live there!! This is shameful!


Are you kidding me why did you have to do that. This poor bear has no where to go. I swear any reason to shoot something, first it is cops shooting innocent people and now it is enivormental protection shooting bears. I thought these agencies are supposed to protect people and animals bunch of bull. Here go the crazy people oh bears in my yard big deal. You know on the news this morning had a segment about global warning and we talk so much about plastic blah blah blah but we don't talk about the impact of all this construction and cutting down tress and depleting our oxygen for buildings, stores and taking away space for animals of the wild. It said that ever time a tree is cut down all the Carbon dioxide from it ruins the environment. But we are worried about plastic. You better worry about our oxygen levels. And maybe if you stop taking away the bears, coyotes, foxes, etc forests they would not be bothering us at all. STUPID PEOPLE keep building new building this is all good for us. FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear AOC: stop using fake screen names. We know this is you. It has to be... you’re the only one capable of spewing this much non-factual nonsense in a single post.

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