Beatles exhibit opens at Foxwoods

A Beatles exhibit has opened at Foxwoods Resort Casino. (WFSB)

A living history exhibit of The Beatles started on Thursday at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

There were 73 million people who watched The Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan Show back in February 1964. That performance inspired Beatlemania collector Jim Cushman to become a musician.

Part of Cushman’s collection, including rarely seen personal Beatles artifacts is on display in the Great Cedar Exhibit Hall at Foxwoods.

"We're trying to show the Beatles the effect they had on the world with their beginnings, their humble beginnings,” Cushman said. “How they came out of nowhere to become the biggest thing in the History of the world."

Everything on display was the real deal.

"Everything is authentic. The clothes they wore. Items they signed. Hand Written items,” Cushman said. “We even have four strands of hair from John Lennon from Denver, Colorado we have lock hair from Paul McCartney."

Cushman said “they have one of the Coke bottles that the Beatles drank out of when they stayed at actor Reginald Owens house in Los Angeles in August of 64.”

“That was picked up by the house cleaning crew,” Cushman said.

Even pieces of bed sheets they slept in at various hotels around the United States.

"And those are the back of the first pieces of bedsheets taken from the Woody Hotel on Sept. 6th, 1964,” Cushman said.

Cushman said it's all authentic.

"They're very expensive now,” Cushman said. “They were only worth a $1 dollar at the time but they are worth a lot more now."

Everything here is at the Great Cedar Exhibit Hall including the original reel-to-reel recorder that producer George Martin used when he first heard The Beatles.

Eyewitness News asked Cushman how he can you authenticate Martin’s first reel-to-reel recorder.

“because it came from George Martin's family,” Cushman said. “Just like the Cavichord came from the George Martin Family."

For the first time in public, the album that john Lennon signed for Mark David Chapman on the day Chapman murdered Lennon outside the Dakota Apartments In New York.

"This was found by someone who had worked at the Dakota Building. They kept it for years. Contacted the NYC Police Department,” Cushman said. “And said I think we have the album he signed for his killer."

There is a lot of history at the Great Cedar Exhibit Hall and memories for visitors.

Boston resident Nancy Vazza said The Beatles were “favorite group.”

“I just followed everything about them,” Vazza said.

If you're a Beatle Buff and you want to learn more or just experience it we are in the Great Cedar Exhibition Hall at Foxwoods, the exhibit runs until Feb. 5. For more information, click here.

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