WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) - Channel 3 is learning more after bed bugs were found at a Waterbury high school.

It's the third time it's happened in two months.

Parents told Channel 3 they're frustrated at the situation.

The school district said they're on top of the problem and recent inspections have shown no bed bugs, and parents hope that's true.

A video sent to Channel 3 yesterday shows a student found a bed bug crawling in a backpack.

It happened at Waterbury Career Academy.

Last week, eyewitnesses sent Channel 3 photos of bed bugs found in a textbook.

It happened again at the beginning of April.

“I hope they can fix something or take care of that because it's the health of the kids,” said Sylvia Lugo, a parent.

Some parents said they haven't been well informed by the school.

“We don't know nothing about that. We know because the kids tell us,” Lugo said.

The school did send out information when the first bed bug was found last month.

Channel 3 learned from parents that Tuesday was the 4th occurrence.

Alderman Vernon Matthews has been getting phone calls from concerned parents.

“I’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes and I’ve seen at least 15 to 20 parents come out with their children and like I said last week, this is a problem. And someone needs to fix the problem,” Matthews said.

Channel 3 has been in touch with the city and the school system on Wednesday after attempts went unanswered on Tuesday.

They said protocols are been followed, and they have cleaned the areas where the insect was found.

The school district says, "there is no risk of harm to students, staff or visitors. Bed bugs are common in the United State. They do not transmit disease and pose no immediate health risk to humans."

The city's health department had this to say, "the school completed additional steam cleanings and sanitizing of possibly impacted areas -- in addition to daily regular cleanings. Inspections were made by the health department at 2 dwellings yesterday and no bed bugs were found."

The school also mentioned, it’s likely being brought in from the outside.

The school district and health department also mentioned students have been given a guide that has information on how to get rid of bed bugs, and what to do if they find one.

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