HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - There’s only one more day until viewers have to say “farewell” to Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, and the rest of the gang on The Big Bang Theory.

Ahead of the series finale, Channel 3 spoke with award-winning actress Christine Baranski in Hartford about her role on the hit show.

She may be a brilliant and accomplished neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and author, but, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter fails miserably at being Leonard’s mother in The Big Bang Theory.

“I know, she's so mean,” Baranski says about her character.

Beverly is played by award-winning actress Christine Baranski.

She joined the cast of the hit CBS show after the first year.

“I was doing the 'Good Wife' and then the 'Good Fight,' but it was the same network, so they let me go shuttle back and forth. I loved doing the dramatic role on the East Coast and a funny role on the West Coast,” Baranski said.

Channel 3 caught-up with Baranski in Hartford ahead of last week's episode.

In this episode, Leonard is pleasantly surprised when his mom comes to visit and is genuinely kind to him.

Until Leonard finds out the real reason she's there.

These tense moments ultimately culminate in a touching, final scene between mother and son.

“I was so, so pleased with the way they wrote it because that's such a tortured relationship. He finally confronts his mom,” Baranski said.

It all ends with a hug and forgiveness.

“It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to the show and to the character,” Baranski said.

Channel 3 asked Baranski about what she'll miss most about the show.

“They’re first-rate comedians. It was like going back into a comedic family, such a beautifully-run show. I’m more famous around the world for the big bang theory probably than anything I’ve ever done,” Baranski said.

She says the best part of all is knowing you can always watch re-runs and hang out with the characters you've fallen in love with these last 12 years.

“You can always revisit these episodes and watch your favorites, so it's not like the show is gone forever, it still lives,” Baranksi said.

You can catch the series finale of the show this Thursday night on Channel 3.

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