Black Wolves continue to grow fan base while going for playoff run

The New England Black Wolves have worked to build a growing fan base and their fourth season kicked off at the beginning of the month. (WFSB)

Since their first season in 2014-2015, the New England Black Wolves have worked to build a growing fan base.

Their fourth season kicked off at the beginning of the month and right now they stand 2-and-1.

Channel 3 was at their home game Friday night and has more from returning players and coaches.

After a rough inaugural season four years ago, some big changes have been made to the New England Black wolves to help get the team on top.

“We came in as a new group three years ago and took over a team that had sort of scuffled a little bit, been struggling and we got a new fresh start,” New England Black Wolves Head Coach Glenn Clark said. “We made some personnel changes, made the playoffs, had a pretty good record improvement.”

Honing in on different skill levels and building a tougher defense has helped coach Clark lead a winning team.

“From a team standpoint we've continued to get better each year, and I think we continue to do that. Coach Glenn Clark is excellent and has a great road map on how to get us to the final,” Kevin Buchanan, who is a left forward for the Black wolves, said.

With their fourth season underway and an almost completely new roster, the New England Black Wolves are looking to take this season straight to the playoffs.

“Take it one game at a time and take it from there. It's a journey up this mountain and there's going to be times when we fall down, but you hope your teammates pick you back up because it's not one or two guys who are doing it,” Brett Manney, who plays defense for the Black wolves, said. “Like we say, it's a whole wolf pack, and the stronger the pack is with everyone in it together with the faster we'll run and that'll lead us to a championship and that's our goal at the end of the day.”

“Once it comes game time it's out of the coaches’ hands and into the players' hands and it's on us to get ready to get good for the game, be full tilt at the first whistle and then ultimately deliver,” Buchanan said.

As the players and coaches continue to work towards that playoff goal, they hope to see their growing fan base in the stands cheering them on.

“It's an infectious game. You get people out and that's how it grows,” Clark said. “I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the speed, the aggression, the pace, the finesse, the beauty of the game. It's got all the elements of the perfect sport.”

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